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Writing involves brainstorming, drafting, and editing, which can be challenging, even for experienced writers.

But no need to worry!

With the right writing apps, you can make the whole process easier. These apps help you write, organize, and refine your work effectively.

This blog post lists the top 15 free writing apps to help you write better and faster.

Are you ready to quickly turn your random thoughts and creative ideas into a well-organized and beautifully written masterpiece?

Let's get started!

How do writing apps help?

Are you ever stuck staring at a blank page or losing your train of thought? It happens to everyone. But don't worry, writing apps can help! Here's how they work:

👉 Idea generation: Do you run out of ideas? Writing apps can inspire you with prompts, scenarios, and AI suggestions to start brainstorming.

👉 Organization: If your ideas are messy, these apps can help you arrange them neatly. You can use features like drag-and-drop outlines and digital notebooks to organize your thoughts.

👉 Efficiency and flow: These apps make writing smoother by removing distractions, tracking your goals, and analyzing your progress, helping you keep a good flow of ideas.

👉 Editing and refinement: Everyone makes mistakes, but writing apps can fix them. They check your grammar and enhance your style to ensure the polish of your final piece.

👉 Collaboration: Working with others? Writing apps allow for real-time editing, feedback, and version control, making it easy to collaborate from afar.

Writing apps are like a toolbox for your writing. They spark ideas, organize your thoughts, catch typos, and more, letting you focus on creating great content.

Check out the top 15 free writing tools you can try in 2024.

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Best free writing App for brainstorming

Best free writing App for brainstorming

You're at your desk, ready to write, but... you're stuck and can't think of any ideas. Frustrating, right?

Don't worry! Here are the 4 best free writing software to make brainstorming fun and creative.

These tools help you generate new ideas, think better, and work more efficiently, which in turn helps you write persuasive pieces.

And the best part? They're all free!


1. Aichatsy

Meet Aichatsy, a fantastic new AI chatbot that is better than many others. It has lots of great features and is an excellent alternative to ChatGPT.

Aichatsy is unique because it can do many things. It's great for getting the latest information, generating images, and fixing grammar. You can also use it on your phone to create content anywhere. You can download Aichatsy from both the Apple Store and the Play Store.

Are you ready to make brainstorming easier and more fun?

AiChatsy offers some great features:

👉 Free to Use: Anyone can use AiChatsy without paying.

👉 Document Upload: You can upload documents to AiChatsy to quickly find the necessary information.

👉 Website Scanning: AiChatsy can scan websites to collect data for you.

👉 Article Scanning: AiChatsy can summarize articles or find specific details quickly.

👉 Tailored Templates: AiChatsy has unique templates for different professions like business people, writers, and comedians.

👉 Works with ChatGPT-4: AiChatsy uses ChatGPT-4 for better interaction and more features.

👉 Easy to Use: The app is user-friendly and straightforward to navigate.

👉 Blog Post Ideas: AiChatsy can generate lots of blog ideas when you provide a few keywords.

👉 Email Campaigns: AiChatsy helps write emails for your marketing campaigns.

👉 Grammar Fix: It improves your writing by fixing grammar mistakes.

👉 Image Generation: AiChatsy can quickly create images for your projects.

⭐ Pricing: There's a free and paid plan, but you can start for free.


2. Chatsonic

Have you ever wanted a brainstorming partner who is always ready to help, never gets tired, and can even do work for you?

Chatsonic by Writesonic is just what you need! It's a super smart tool that uses advanced GPT-4 technology to quickly generate new and creative ideas, enhancing your brainstorming.

Chatsonic is one of the best free alternatives to ChatGPT. It can provide facts, understand conversations, create amazing pictures, and do much more.

With Chatsonic, it's like having a magic machine that keeps your ideas flowing whenever you need inspiration.

Chatsonic features

👉 Brainstorming Genius: If you need new ideas for a school project or hobby, Chatsonic can help.

👉 Fact Finder: It's like a super fast Google just for you, finding information quickly.

👉 Voice Command: Speak to get things done without typing.

👉 Artist Too: Need a picture for your project? Chatsonic can create one quickly.

👉 Always There: Chatsonic can chat or help anytime, day or night.

⭐ Pricing: It's free, but a premium version costs $19 per month.

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3. Miro

Have you ever wanted to see all your ideas laid out and connected right before you? Miro is an online whiteboard that allows you to do exactly that.

Miro is like a really smart board that lets you and others collaborate to generate great ideas. You can create mind maps, draw diagrams, use sticky notes, plan websites, and do much more—all in one spot.

Key features of Miro:

Miro lets you and your team work together in real time, no matter where everyone is. It's like drawing on the same board but online.

👉 Infinite Space: Miro provides a huge whiteboard space that never ends, so you can keep adding your ideas without running out of room.

👉 Ready Templates: Miro has many ready-to-use templates that help you start organizing quickly without setting up everything from scratch.

👉 Integrates with Other Tools: Miro connects with over 100 other apps, making it easy to use with tools you already enjoy.

👉 See Team Activity: When working with others on Miro, you can see who is looking at what, helping the team stay coordinated.

👉 Easy Screen Sharing: Sharing your Miro board in meetings or presentations is very easy, making it simple to share ideas.

Miro is great for businesses that organize ideas visually and collaborate on brainstorming.

⭐ Pricing: Miro has a free plan that allows up to 3 boards and unlimited team members. The Starter plan is $8 per month for more features and is billed annually.


4. MindMeister

MindMeister is a great tool for organizing your thoughts. It's like a digital whiteboard where you can draw your ideas, link them together, and see the overall picture of your thoughts—like creating a map of your brain's ideas!

Even more exciting is that MindMeister allows you and your friends or teammates to work on ideas simultaneously. Everyone can add their thoughts, view things from different perspectives, and collectively develop a big idea from wherever they are.

Whether you're brainstorming, taking notes, planning a project, or just organizing your thoughts, MindMeister is there to help. It makes your ideas visible, facilitates teamwork, helps keep track of tasks, and lets you share your plans with others.

Key features of MindMeister:

👉 Ready to Use: It comes with pre-made templates, so you can start organizing your thoughts immediately.

👉 Connects Easily: You can link it with other apps you use for a smoother workflow.

👉 Customizable: To make your mind maps fun and unique, you can change the look of the lines and topics with different styles.

👉 Extra Features: It includes an outline mode to view your ideas in a list and a focus mode to concentrate on one thing at a time.

⭐ Pricing: MindMeister has a free version that lets you create up to 3 mind maps. For more features, the paid plan starts at $3.50 per user per month, billed annually.

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Best free writing apps for research and note-taking

So, you have many great ideas. What's next?

It's time to turn those ideas into clear facts and organized notes. And the good news? The right tools can make this step very easy.

Let's look at the top 3 free apps for writing and research that will quickly improve your research and note-taking skills.

Google doc

5. Google Docs

Google Docs is a reliable tool for all your projects. It may seem simple, but it's powerful and easy to use.

From starting your ideas to finishing big projects, Google Docs helps you every step of the way.

One of the best things about it is that it lets you work with others. Your friends or teammates can join your document to add their ideas, make edits, or leave comments in real-time.

Also, since it saves everything automatically in the cloud, you can access your work anytime.

No more worries about losing unsaved files or organizing things across different devices—everything stays perfectly aligned!

Key features of Google Docs:

👉 Automatic Saving: You don't have to worry about losing your work; it saves automatically online.

👉 Version History: You can view past versions of your document to see how it has evolved.

👉 Collaborate Easily: You and your friends can work on the same document simultaneously, which is great for group projects.

👉 Voice Typing: If you don't want to type, you can talk, and Google Docs will type your words for you.

👉 Templates: Many templates help you start projects quickly, like book reports or science projects.

Google Docs is more than just a writing tool; it's like a portable desk, a team workspace always available, and a secure place for your documents.

⭐ Pricing: Google Docs is free, but you can pay for more features and space if needed.


6. Notion

Notion is a helpful app that makes taking notes and organizing ideas easy. It's great for everything from school projects to research.

Think of it as a digital notebook that does much more. You can write down thoughts, plan projects, manage your tasks, and keep all your work details in one place.

Also, Notion has a cool new feature called Notion AI. This AI writing assistant helps you write better and faster. It can help you develop ideas, write content, understand long documents, and improve your writing.

Features of Notion:

👉 Easy Collaboration: Notion lets you and others work together on projects quickly.

👉 Simple to Use: It's quick to learn how to use Notion.

👉 Add Media: Include pictures, videos, and more in your projects.

👉 Customizable: You can change Notion's appearance to suit your style.

👉 Mobile Access: With Notion's app, you can work from anywhere.

👉 AI Assistance: Notion AI helps with writing and organizing.

👉 Focus Better: Notion allows you to research and work without switching between many tabs.

⭐ Pricing: There's a free version of Notion. For more features, it costs $8 per month (paid annually)


7. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is like an intelligent robot friend who helps you with school projects or research. It's brilliant because it uses AI, which stands for Artificial Intelligence.

You can ask ChatGPT anything you're curious, and it will quickly find the information. This saves you a lot of time searching on your own.

If you need project ideas, want to choose a good topic, or need help organizing your thoughts and finding facts, ChatGPT can help.

Features of ChatGPT:

👉 Talks like a friend: It can chat about any topic you're interested in.

👉 Knows a lot: ChatGPT can assist with many tasks, whether simple or complex.

👉 Understands well: It's good at picking up on context, so it keeps up even when topics change.

👉 Speaks many languages: ChatGPT can converse with you in your language.

👉 Learns from conversations: The more you talk with it, the better it gets at helping you.

ChatGPT makes finding information, avoiding getting overwhelmed, or managing many notes quicker and easier.

⭐ Pricing: ChatGPT is free. If you need it to search the internet for you, there's a version called ChatGPT Plus that costs $20 a month.

Best free writing website for creating content or writing

After you've come up with some great ideas and learned more about them, the next step is the most exciting - turning those ideas into something people will enjoy reading or seeing.

When you're ready to create a fantastic blog or a catchy social media post, AI writing tools can help. They do more than just type; they make writing easier, improve your work, and help your ideas stand out online.

Are you ready to transform your thoughts into fantastic writing? Here are the top 2 best free AI tools to quickly improve your writing.


8. Copy.ai

Next up is Copy.ai, an excellent tool for writing online. Whether you're writing blogs, emails, or social media posts for fun or work, this tool can be a big help.

It's especially useful for teams that need to produce a lot of good content quickly. Copy.ai offers over 90 templates, so you can easily create great content without taking too much time.

Key Features of Copy.ai:

👉 Lots of Choices: It can create over 90 types of content.

👉 Many Languages: Available in more than 95 languages.

👉 Chatbot: It has an AI-powered chatbot to help you.

👉 Templates: Ready-to-use templates make your work easier.

However, it has some drawbacks:

👉 Creativity: The content it creates may only sometimes feel fresh or original.

👉 Missing Features: It might lack some features or compatibility compared to its competitors.

If it's not right for you, don't worry.

You can check out our latest article on the best ChatGPT apps for mobile to find something that better suits your needs.

⭐ Pricing: You can use it for up to 2000 words for free. The pro plan starts at $49 per month.

Jasper AI

9. Jasper AI

Next, let's discuss Jasper, a smart AI tool for writing. It was previously known as Jarvis.

Jasper can be helpful whether you're writing a fun blog post, crafting an email to persuade someone to make a purchase, or improving your social media posts.

Here are some key features of Jasper:

👉 It supports over 30 languages so that you can write in Spanish or French.

👉 Jasper offers over 50 templates to help you easily create written content, such as stories, emails, or school projects.

👉 Jasper can also converse like a human. Its chatbot feature allows you to ask questions and receive responses.

⭐ Pricing: Jasper offers a free 7-day trial, but you must first provide credit card details. After the trial, it costs $49 monthly if you continue using it.

Best free writing App for editing and proofreading


10. Grammarly

Grammarly is like an intelligent friend who helps you write better and make fewer mistakes. It knows a lot about grammar and can spot minor errors, like a misspelt word, a misplaced comma, or incorrect punctuation.

But Grammarly does more than just correct errors. It also gives you tips to improve your writing, like changing the tone or simplifying sentences. This helps make whatever you write sound great.

It's straightforward to use. As you write, Grammarly gives you helpful suggestions to enhance your work. Whether sending an email or writing a blog post, Grammarly checks your writing to ensure it's the best it can be.

Key features of Grammarly:

👉 Easy to Use: Grammarly is easy to figure out.

👉 Catches Mistakes: It checks your writing for any spelling or grammar errors.

👉 Quick Edits: Grammarly helps you improve your writing fast.

👉 Works with Other Apps: You can use Grammarly with many other programs, which makes it very convenient.

👉 Smart Suggestions: Grammarly offers suggestions for different ways to phrase things, helping you pick the best one.

👉 Keeps Your Style: It helps make sure your writing sounds like you and matches your unique style.

⭐ Pricing: Grammarly is free, but if you want extra features, Grammarly Premium costs $12 monthly.

If you want your writing to be clear, engaging, and error-free, Grammarly is a great choice.


Searching for the best writing app in 2024 is exciting but can also be overwhelming. However, with the right tools, you can improve your writing, be more productive, and reach your creative goals. Try out these top free writing apps and find the best one. Let your creativity fly, and your words come quickly—your story deserves a great place to stand out.

FAQ: Best Free Writing Apps of 2024

What are some of the best free writing apps available?

There are several options when it comes to free writing apps. Some of the best include Google Docs, FocusWriter, Scribus, and LibreOffice.

Can you recommend the best free writing software for editing and grammar checking?

For editing and grammar checking, consider using ProwritingAid. It's known as one of the best free writing software programs for polishing content and improving writing processes.

How can I organize my writing process efficiently using a writing app?

To organize and manage your writing process effectively, look for a writing app with features like templates, file organization, and easy access to tools like ChatGPT for suggestions and guidance.

Are there free plans or trials available for the recommended writing apps?

Yes, many of the best free writing apps offer free plans or free trials for you to explore their features before committing to a subscription.

Which writing apps provide the best AI-driven content generation?

If you're looking for the best AI-powered content generation, consider using apps that include advanced features like content generation, error checking, and formatting assistance.

What makes an app an excellent choice for starting your writing journey?

Apps that provide a user-friendly interface, easy ways to get started, and tools to polish your content are ideal for writers just beginning their writing journey.

Can you suggest writing tools similar to Google Docs for collaborative work?

If you enjoy using Google Docs for collaboration, explore other writing apps that offer real-time collaboration, shared storage, and error-detection capabilities.

What is the list of best free writing apps available in 2024?

Google Docs, FocusWriter, Scribus, and LibreOffice will be the top free writing apps in 2024. These apps are celebrated for their robust word processors, intuitive interfaces, and powerful drafting and organizing tools.

Can you recommend the best free writing software for grammar editing?

ProWritingAid and Grammarly rank among the best free writing software for grammar editing in 2024. They check and polish your writing for overused words, grammatical errors, and more, with ProWritingAid offering a free plan to get started.

How can I efficiently organize and draft my writing process using free apps?

Apps like Google Docs and Notion help you organize and draft your writing process efficiently. They offer templates, seamless integration with tools like ChatGPT, and distraction-free writing and file format management features.

What free plans or trials are available for the best writing apps?

Many of the best writing apps, such as Scribus and FocusWriter, offer free plans. Apps like ProWritingAid provide a free trial, allowing you to assess their editing tools and interface before upgrading.

Which apps are best for AI-driven content generation and suggestions?

For AI-driven content generation, Jasper AI and ChatGPT are top choices. These apps generate high-quality content, provide writing suggestions, and include tools like error checkers and style editors.

What features make an app ideal for those just starting their writing journey in 2024?

The ideal app for beginners should offer a user-friendly interface, easy file management, and a range of templates. Google Docs and FocusWriter are great examples, helping you easily create, organize, and polish content.

Are any apps offering collaborative and synchronization features similar to Google Docs?

Unlike Google Docs, Microsoft Word Online and Zoho Writer are excellent alternatives for collaboration and synchronization. These platforms offer real-time collaboration, comprehensive editing tools, and seamless synchronization across devices.

What advanced features do the best free writing apps include for comprehensive editing and proofreading?

The best free writing apps, like ProWritingAid and Grammarly, boast advanced comprehensive editing and proofreading features. They can help you write and edit without clutter, offer grammatical error correction, and even visualize edits on the go.

How do free writing apps integrate with other platforms to enhance the writing experience?

Free writing apps like Notion and Google Docs integrate seamlessly with other platforms, enhancing the writing experience by syncing data, allowing file sharing with others, and providing comprehensive project packs rolled into one platform.

What unique features do free writing apps offer to help you create and visualize your content better?

Apps like Canva and Scrivener provide unique features that help create and visualize content. Canva allows for layout customization and includes artwork integration, while Scrivener acts as a writing coach, offering a distraction-free environment and helping you jot down and organize ideas effectively.

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