22 Best Chat GPT Prompts To Use In 2023

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ChatGPT has taken over the world like a storm! There's no single digital task that isn’t directly or indirectly connected to this advanced AI model. But the GPT-3, which has 25 million daily users, is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of functionality. With Open Ai's GPT-4, the world is evolving once again. However, using this NLP-based AI is more complex than it seems!

If you want to know how to leverage ChatGPT properly to your advantage, you must have a firm grip on the prompts. Effective commands can help elevate your GPT game and take things to another level. That is why we've brought 22 best Chat GPT prompts that work for almost every situation. Plus, stick to the end, and you'll get a bonus way to get thousands of more prompts just with a click!

Marketing And Sales Prompts

ChatGPT highly impacts the marketing and sales sector. Since its release, people have used it in various ways to market their services/products and improve business sales. Here are seven ideal commands to use ChatGPT for incentivized marketing and enhancing revenue through sales.

1. "Act As" Persona Chat GPT Prompts

A persona prompt is ideal for extracting the most value out of ChatGPT. Using vaguely explained Chat GPT prompts will only yield bland responses. Specific persona commands can help transform the language-processing AI into special individuals with significant skill sets. Here's the ideal example!

"I want you to act as an advertiser to create a campaign to promote a product or service specified to you. You must choose a target audience, develop key messages and slogans, select the media channels for promotion, and decide on any additional activities needed to reach your goals. The first product is [name of product and details]."

2. Sales Copy Prompt

Cold calling is one significant way to land clients. However, only a persuasive and compelling sales copy can tempt someone to try your product. Thanks to ChatGPT's friendly language processing, it can create a perfect sales script that will engage the reader right from the start. Say farewell to all uninspired sales-generating copies. With a given prompt, you can use ChatGPT to generate immaculate sale copies without wasting your time, effort, or cash!

 "Can you act as a professional copywriter and write me a complete sales copy about [product/service] for a cold call to a potential client? Include an opening, presentation, overcoming objections, and successful close."

3. Marketing Proposal Prompt

Undoubtedly, ChatGPT is a word, wizard. One of its leading uses in the marketing niche is proposal writing. Its natural language processing powers help it work out its magic to transform potential clients into guaranteed customers. Here's the command that helped me get the most persuasive proposal!

"Can you act as a professional proposal writer and write a B2B proposal for [company name] that highlights the benefits of using our [Product/Service] and how it can help them reach their [specific business goal]?"

4. Turning ChatGPT into Spreadsheet Assistant

The spreadsheet was termed the "most" difficult task in managing the data about a certain notion. However, with ChatGPT's release, the manual tasks were automated, which reduced overall effort. Besides, ChatGPT started acting as a perfect side-kick to analyze and organize complex data. Here's one of the Chat GPT prompts to create a sales spreadsheet:

"Act as a special data analyst and make me a spreadsheet to track daily sales with columns for [date], [product name], [quantity sold], and [total revenue]." 

Remember, you can change the columns and get the desired output according to your requirements!

5. Email Newsletter Prompts For Chat GPT

Email newsletters are a significant conversion factor in the marketing industry. With ChatGPT, you won't need the aid of a separate writer to get a compelling newsletter. You can get the specific outcome according to your product specifications and target audience with accurate Chat GPT prompts. Here's a command tested by multiple business owners:

"Write a newsletter for [topic] targeting the [audience]. The tone should be [formal/casual/etc.] and include information about [specific information or key points to include]."

6. Blog Post Creation

Long-form blog posts can provide maximum value to your target audience and help in SEO. However, creating one requires time and effort if you don't have ChatGPT. With this AI, you can write a whole blog post within minutes. Here's the prompt to generate a blog post with ease:

"Act as a professional content writer and generate a blog post about the impact of [specific event/news] on [specific industry or community]."

Always edit the output afterward; because ChatGPT doesn't always give an accurate result.

Ultra Brainstorming Prompt

With ChatGPT in hand, writer's block won't stop anyone from creating value-adding ideas. As AI is self-improving, it can evolve daily to provide ideal output. If you are still looking for the optimum marketing initiatives, ChatGPT is here to help! Here's the best prompt for the purpose!

"Brainstorm unique marketing angles for our [products] target [the audience] who are concerned about [something they should be concerned about]."

HR Chat GPT Prompts

Responsible HR makes business progress by leaps and bounds. The role is manually oriented with plenty of tiring tasks in it. Thankfully, ChatGPT came as a big save for such job roles by automating several tasks and improving the execution of others. Here are five awesome chat GPT prompts you'll love!

1. Recruiting Campaign Prompt

Social media campaigns are the ideal way to recruit new employees. The NLP-based AI has a vast knowledge of social media trends. Therefore, it can help you create a campaign based on the media tactics to help it reach a specific audience. Here's the optimum prompt that works like a charm!

"Can you recommend a [adjective] social media recruiting campaign theme that resonates with [target audience] and highlights our company's [unique selling point] in the [industry/niche]?"

2. Job Letter Prompt

Job letters are a new way to tell potential employees about their current job status. Human resource management deals with such emails quite regularly. ChatGPT's release served as a revolutionizing upgrade in history. The AI acts as a perfectly functional writer to deal with such job letters. 

"Create a job letter for the position of [Job Title] at [Company Name] in the [Department Name]. Address the letter to [Employer Name] and express your excitement for the opportunity. Mention the details about the execution of [task]. End the letter by thanking the employer for their efforts.”

3. Coaching Plan Creation 

A well-organized coaching plan can help focus on a realistic goal and avoid obstacles by determining them earlier. ChatGPT's prompt, given below, is perfectly created for employees to get the best actionable steps for reaching a specific goal in an organization. 

"Please create elements in a coaching plan for [individuals] who are struggling with [specific issue], and how can I tailor the plan to [specific learning style/behavioral preference]?"

4. Job Evaluation Prompt

If you ask particular questions in your ChatGPT prompt that target the evaluation of a job, it can provide you with ideal insights, descriptions, and recommendations based on the overall market. You can use them further to get customized reports according to your company. Here's the best prompt for the purpose:

 "How can we [evaluate/assess] the [performance/competency] of [employees/managers] for [specific roles/our organization], and what [methods/techniques] can we use to [determine/approve] the [appropriate/fair] [compensation/job description] for [each role]?"

5. Creating Remote Work Policies

Every business/organization requires work practices that the employees must follow. Ideal remote work policies can help the employee add maximum value to the organization without actually entering an office. If you are struggling to create revenue-generating work policies, here's the ChatGPT command to generate some in a snap!

"Can you give me some examples of remote work policies for [insert specific industry, such as healthcare or finance], taking into account [insert specific concerns or regulations, such as data privacy or HIPAA compliance] and [insert company size or structure, such as a small clinic or a large hospital]?"

Prompts For Startups

Startups will surely struggle if they don't execute the right actions at the right time! Several tasks determine their success in the specific business market. ChatGPT can help boost their revenue, increase their exposure, and enhance their credibility in the market. Here are five awesome chat GPT prompts for the tasks:

1. Easy SWOT Analysis Prompt

SWOT analysis helps a startup to determine its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats simultaneously. This strategy was relatively difficult to work on, as it requires complex analysis skills. Thanks to ChatGPT, now you can create your desired SWOT analysis without deeply assessing your business metrics.

"Can you provide suggestions for improving [SPECIFIC AREA OF WEAKNESS] as identified in my [COMPANY/PERSONAL] SWOT analysis?"

2. Generate Financial Projections

Financial projections help outline the monetary funds that an organization requires for better functioning. One can create befitting financial projections by accurately judging future trends and relevant expense data. However, giving ChatGPT relevant data as input can supply you with an ideal financial strategy for your business. 

"Can you generate a [NUMBER]-year financial projection for [COMPANY NAME] by analyzing [NUMBER] years of historical financial statements and assuming a [ADJECTIVE] revenue growth rate of [GROWTH RATE]?"

3. Identify Target Market And Audience With ChatGPT

Many startups often need help with irrelevant audience exposure. Your product or service can perform exceptionally only in the market where it is most needed. If you are not aware of the appropriate market or the target audience for a certain product, ChatGPT can help you judge that through its understanding of business market trends. 

"What are some emerging trends in the [INDUSTRY] that are likely to impact the [DEMOGRAPHIC] market for [PRODUCT/SERVICE], and how can I adapt my marketing strategy to stay ahead of the curve?"

4. Market Metrics Analysis Prompt

ChatGPT is a natural language processing model that can quickly parse through complex organizational data. This ability of the AI aids it in identifying patterns and trends. They can also help extract meaningful insights by analyzing several market metrics related to your product. Here's the best prompt to achieve all these purposes.

"How can I identify the top [NUMBER] [SPECIFIC METRIC] trends and patterns in my [TIMEFRAME] marketing data for [TARGET AUDIENCE], and what actions can I take to improve my campaign performance?"

5. Creating Product Roadmaps

Every business needs a layout to perform all the tasks in chronological order. Roadmaps are the perfect strategy for this. Product roadmaps are specific outlines based on the metrics of a particular market and service details. With accurate information about the product and an effective prompt, you can generate your product roadmap focusing on a particular goal.

"Create a product roadmap for [PRODUCT NAME] that includes a clear product vision and aligns with our company's strategic goals and initiatives for [YEAR/QUARTER]. It should focus on [SPECIFIC MARKET SEGMENT] and address their needs for [PROBLEM/NEED], and include key features such as [FEATURE 1], [FEATURE 2], [FEATURE 3], and [FEATURE 4]."

Web Development Chat GPT Prompts

Web development is a skill that requires extreme effort and an exceptional skill set. But ChatGPT changed everything. Even though the AI is language based, it can write codes targeting the individual needs of a program/software. Here are five Chat GPT prompts that every web developer must know.

1. Optimize Website Speed With ChatGPT

Website speed depends on various factors. If you are wondering what is slowing down your sales/product page, ChatGPT can help you judge the factors easily. You only need an effective prompt that can highlight the issue you are facing. Here's one prompt that I tested and worked best for me:

"How can I improve the [PAGE] speed of my [WEBSITE NAME]? Can you suggest some [TECHNIQUES] to achieve this?"

2. Site Structure Development Prompt

ChatGPT can help web developers optimize their site structure as a self-improving language-based AI. The AI assistant can generate ideas about different site structures and give you a well-organized plan to develop them without hassle. The best part is that you can receive quick and accurate feedback on your own structure development ideas and judge which sectors need improvement. 

"Can you provide me with a [NUMBER] of different site structure options to help me choose the best one for my [SITE PURPOSE] website?"

3. Page Layout Creation Prompts

Page layouts can help you make conversions if they are ideally designed. But that's possible only if you focus on every nitty-gritty detail. With ChatGPT, you can get suggestions about a page layout and receive a personalized outline focussing on your desired aims and metrics. Here's a prompt for the purpose!

"Based on the [DATA ANALYTICS/USER BEHAVIOR] of my website, can you suggest a personalized homepage layout that will increase [USER ENGAGEMENT/CONVERSION RATES] for visitors from [REGION/DEMOGRAPHIC GROUP]? I would like to include [SPECIFIC CONTENT ELEMENTS/FEATURES] relevant to this audience."

4. Custom Illustration Prompts

Custom illustration may not be the expertise of every developer. ChatGPT can help you generate professional illustrations if you are one of the individuals with minimum artistic knowledge about illustration. You can use the AI assistant to suggest ways and procedures to develop a custom illustration with the following command. 

"Can you enlist some [BEST PRACTICES/TIPS/TRICKS] for designing custom illustrations that effectively convey my brand message and stand out from competitors in my [INDUSTRY/NICHE]?"

5. Design Website Wireframes With This Prompt

ChatGPT can help create ideas, website elements, a friendly user interface, and individual page layouts. When combined, they can originate a perfect wireframe for your website. If you plan to create a website without any idea about its wireframe, this ChatGPT prompt can help!

"Can you create a wireframe for my [ONLINE STORE/BLOG/PORTFOLIO] website that has [NUMBER OF PRODUCTS/POSTS/PROJECTS] and targets my [TARGET MARKET]. Besides, can you help me create a wireframe that showcases the website's [UNIQUE FEATURES/PRODUCTS]?"

Tips And Tricks To Improve ChatGPT Output

As an AI language model, ChatGPT is designed to generate responses based on the input it receives. Here are some tips and tricks that can help improve the output of ChatGPT:

  • Be Specific With The Input: The quality of the output generated by this NLP-based AI is based on the quality of input it receives. That is why clear and specific information will yield more accurate and relevant responses.

  • Avoid Ambiguity: Ambiguity can confuse ChatGPT and lead to inaccurate or irrelevant responses. So it is better to avoid it

  • Use Correct Grammar: Ensure your use of grammar and punctuation is accurate. That is because ChatGPT generates input based on grammar and punctuation rules.

  • All-in-one Prompt Source: Use precise prompts with direct instructions to get the best result and value-adding output. You can find plenty of these online, but the best source is Promptigo. This site has thousands of best Chat GPT prompts organized into different categories. It doesn't matter if you are a developer, SEO expert, or businessman; these prompts for Chat GPT will help you equally.

  • Use Keywords: Use relevant keywords and phrases in your input. It can help the AI assistant understand the conversation's context and generate more appropriate responses.

  • Use Examples and Analogies: Using examples in your information can clarify the discussed notions and develop more accurate answers.

  • Be Patient And Try Again: ChatGPT is designed to learn and improve over time. So, it may not always provide perfect responses. Be patient and give feedback to help improve its performance. Besides, keep tweaking Chat GPT prompts again and again to get the best output!

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