10 Best ChatGPT Alternatives in 2023 (Free and Paid)

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The chatbot ChatGPT has gained immense popularity on the web. It is based on OpenAI's GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 language models, which allow users to communicate with the AI. Furthermore, ChatGPT's new features to see images and speak make it even more attractive. Unfortunately, this has caused the servers to be overloaded with users, making many people unable to access the bot when needed. If you experience ChatGPT being down often, here is a list of the top alternatives for ChatGPT in 2023 for your convenience.

  • Microsoft Bing.
  • Ai chatsy
  • Perplexity AI.
  • Google Bard AI.
  • Chatsonic.
  • Claude 2.
  • HuggingChat.
  • Pi, your personal AI.
  • GitHub Copilot X.
  • The OpenAI Playground

Microsoft's Bing Search Engine

Microsoft's Bing AI stands as a strong contender to ChatGPT. The company has introduced an enhanced version of ChatGPT, now known as the "Prometheus model." This model is recognized as GPT-4 by Promptigo.

Bing's latest update is rich in AI features, positioning it as a viable replacement for ChatGPT. One of its standout features is the Chat mode, which allows users to engage in conversations based on web searches. Additionally, Bing offers widgets, a chat history function, and a unique feature called multimodal capacity. This lets the platform interpret images and provide relevant responses.

Furthermore, the Bing Image Creator boasts improved accuracy. Like ChatGPT, Bing assists users in planning trips, finding recipes, seeking advice, and more. Previously available only through a waitlist, this impressive ChatGPT alternatives is now accessible to all.

Notable Features of the Platform:

  • Powered by GPT-4 technology.
  • Capable of visual input and output.
  • Connects directly to the web.
  • Multidimensional in its approach.
  • Provides the most up-to-date information on various topics.
  • Retains chat records for reference.
  • Offers a range of chat modes.
  • Always cite the sources of its data.

Ai chatsy

Aichatsy: The Premier AI Chatbot

Meet Aichatsy, the frontrunner in our AI chatbot lineup. This feature-packed chatbot is an advanced version of the Chat AI App and is a commendable alternative to ChatGPT. When you compare Aichatsy with other apps, its distinct advantages become evident.

Aichatsy delivers real-time data, allows for searchable images, and provides audio content. Like ChatGPT, Aichatsy's Android app lets you craft content on the move. The best part? Aichatsy is available for download on both the Apple Store and Play Store.

Notable Key Features of Aichatsy:

  • Real-Time Data & Multimedia: Aichatsy delivers real-time data, searchable images, and audio content.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Like ChatGPT, Aichatsy's Android app lets you create content on the move. Plus, it's available on both the Apple Store and Play Store.

Outstanding Features of AiChatsy:

  • Complimentary Access: Aichatsy is entirely free, making it accessible to everyone.
  • Document Upload: Quickly upload and extract information from documents.
  • Website Scanning: Extract real-time data from any website.
  • Article Scanning: Scan articles for concise summaries or specific details.
  • Tailored Templates: Templates are available for various professions, including business professionals, writers, and comedians.
  • ChatGPT-4 Integration: Enhance user interactions by leveraging ChatGPT 4 features.
  • User-Friendly Design: Aichatsy boasts an intuitive interface and a well-designed dashboard for an optimal user experience.

Why Choose the Aichatsy App?


  • Insights at Your Fingertips: Aichatsy utilizes Google and NLP technologies to provide current information.
  • Voice Command Capability: Similar to Google Assistant or Siri, Aichatsy responds to voice commands, making tasks easier.
  • Your Digital Assistant: Aichatsy is like having a digital personal assistant. It offers guidance on various topics, from relationship advice to interview preparation.

Aichatsy is not just a chatbot; it's your go-to digital companion. So, why lug around a laptop when you can have Aichatsy in your pocket?

"Unlock the full potential of Aichatsy by exploring its unique features: leverage real-time data for up-to-the-minute insights, utilize searchable images to enhance your visual experience, and engage with audio content for a multi-sensory interaction. Stay productive on the go with the Aichatsy Android app, and enjoy the convenience of cross-platform availability by downloading it from the Apple Store or Play Store."


Artificial Intelligence Perplexity

Perplexity AI is a tool that leverages machine intelligence to evaluate language models. It calculates the perplexity of a language model, representing the average choices a random word has among all terms in the model. A lower perplexity score indicates a superior model, as it can more precisely predict the subsequent word in a sequence.

Many users favor Perplexity AI over ChatGPT due to its blend of search engine capabilities, and AI features reminiscent of Bing. The bot is trained on the OpenAI API, consistently delivering high-quality responses. The platform was recently revamped, featuring organized sections for streamlined conversation categorization. While its interface is simple, it's designed with a unique touch. 

Notably, the bot cites sources for the information it provides. One standout feature of Perplexity AI is its "Copilot mode," powered by GPT-4. This mode ensures users receive the most pertinent answers to their queries. My personal experience conversing with the bot, both with and without the Copilot, has been exceptional. The bot's responses are not only rapid but also error-free. To further enhance user experience, it offers a multimodal search function.

Notable Benefits:

  •  References external sources
  •  Results are actionable
  •  Useful for product advice
  •  Includes GPT-4 mode
  •  Ability to upload files

Google Bard

Google Bard: A Formidable Contender to ChatGPT

When ChatGPT took the spotlight in conversational AI, many eyes turned to Google. For those unfamiliar, Google introduced "Bard," a conversational AI chatbot seamlessly integrated with their search engine. The driving force behind Bard is Google's advanced AI model, PaLM 2, representing their latest strides in language and conversational technology.

Initially, Google Bard's functionalities were limited. However, over time, it has been enriched with many features. Notably, it now allows users to upload images for analysis. Moreover, it supports various extensions to amplify the user experience. Following these enhancements, a significant update was rolled out, expanding language support, integrating Google Lens, and granting Bard access to real-time data from Google's suite of services.

My interactions with Google Bard have been positive, mainly due to its prompt and precise responses. I particularly value Bard's ability to tailor information to diverse contexts. The "double-check" feature, which lets users cross-reference answers on Google, is a commendable addition. Looking for ChatGPT Alternatives? If you ever find ChatGPT unavailable and are searching for a worthy alternative, Google Bard is an excellent option.

Notable Key Features and Highlights

  • Image Upload: Allows users to upload and analyze pictures.
  • Conversation History: Retains records of past interactions.
  • Advanced Technology: Powered by Google's latest PaLM 2 technology.
  • Export Capabilities: Users can export content to Documents and Colab.
  • Coding Proficiency: Exhibits robust coding and deduction skills.
  • Language Support: A multi-language model catering to diverse users.
  • Code Execution: Features implicit code running capabilities.
  • Google Lens: Seamlessly integrated with Google Lens for enhanced visual search.


Chatsonic: A Premier ChatGPT Alternatives

Chatsonic offers users a dynamic chatbot experience. Designed for conversational interactions, it can generate automated responses based on user input.

The platform's reputation as a top contender to ChatGPT is well-deserved. Built upon the ChatGPT framework, Chatsonic boasts a wide range of capabilities. While its initial release was essential, subsequent updates have equipped it with a suite of features that enhance its appeal.

One of Chatsonic's standout features is its integration with Google search. This allows the bot to swiftly scour the web for information, ensuring users receive accurate responses. For added credibility, the chatbot also cites its sources. For those in need of visuals, Chatsonic offers an in-built image creator. While the generated images might not rival those of Midjourney, they are commendably quick and of good quality.

New Chatsonic users are greeted with a generous 10,000-word allowance, free of charge. Those seeking more can opt for a paid subscription. The platform also impresses with its diverse range of personas, from accountants to poets. For users who prefer voice interactions, there's a voice recording feature. With both a browser extension and an Android app available, Chatsonic ensures users can engage with this remarkable ChatGPT alternatives wherever they are.

Notable Chatsonic Highlights:

  • Powered by GPT-4: Chatsonic utilizes the advanced GPT-4 technology for its operations.
  • Image Making: The platform features an in-built image generator for visual content.
  • Voice Activation: Users can interact with the chatbot using voice commands.
  • Translating: Chatsonic offers translation capabilities for diverse languages.
  • Character-based Chat: The platform provides various personalities, adding depth and diversity to conversations.
  • Web Access: Chatsonic can access the web, broadening its understanding and information retrieval.

claude 2

Claude 2: A Formidable Rival to ChatGPT

In the bustling AI landscape, ChatGPT faces stiff competition, with Anthropic's Claude 2 being a notable contender. Backed by Google, Claude 2 is positioning itself as a solid alternative to OpenAI's offerings. Distinct from the conventional LLM model, Claude employs a unique blend of "proprietary AI techniques." This mix, which includes neural networks, training data, and other components, facilitates natural conversations, ensuring Claude is engaging but also accurate and trustworthy.

Available in over 95 countries, Claude is a versatile, free AI chatbot. Its capabilities range from casual conversations and code writing to cracking jokes and solving puzzles. Users can even upload compatible files and request summaries from Claude. A standout feature is its swift response time, delivering answers with minimal delay.

However, potential users should note a few limitations. Claude 2 doesn't have web access, meaning its knowledge is bound by its stored data. Also, while it's adept at many tasks, it might falter with complex mathematical problems, so it's wise to verify its answers in such cases. If you're curious about Claude 2, spin it and share your thoughts.

Hugging Chat

Hugging Chat: A Virtual Embrace in Conversational AI

Hugging Chat offers a unique virtual hugging experience through conversation. It's a creation of Hugging Face, a renowned hub for AI services, and was initially built on the Meta AI (LLaMA) LLM. However, its evolution now allows users to choose from various language models, including Mistral 7B, Falcon 180B, and, of course, Llama. A standout feature is its ability to handle multiple chat sessions simultaneously.

As one of the ChatGPT Alternatives, Hugging Chat boasts a plethora of functionalities. It can craft blog posts, generate jokes, write website HTML, and even whip up recipes. For those seeking broader knowledge, there's an option to enable web access, allowing the bot to scour the Internet for answers. However, users should be mindful of potential network issues that might affect the chat experience. If you're on the lookout for a ChatGPT substitute, Hugging Chat is worth exploring.

Notable Key Features of the Platform:

  • Offers a selection of diverse models.
  • Enables direct web access for broader information.
  • Particularly useful for programming-related tasks.

Your own Artificial Intelligence: Pi

Compared to other ChatGPT solutions, Pi is potentially the only one to give you an entirely different experience. Pi is an AI chatbot that has a distinct design and is designed to be helpful and intelligent. Rather than long conversations, conversations on Pi are dialogue by dialogue. Additionally, Pi is one of the few assistants who will actually talk back. On the website, there are six different voices, each being eerily lifelike and oddly calming.

ChatGPT's Pi tends to initiate the conversation and read your messages. It is similar to what one would expect from a therapist, and it is easy to forget it is AI, aside from the occasional mistakes. If you are looking for a way to vent or to have a conversation, Pi is a great option; however, bear in mind that you will need to create an account and provide a valid phone number. It is worth checking out if you have the opportunity.

Highlights: Personal AI chatbot, Speaks like a therapist, Engaging and conversational

Copilot X by GitHub

Copilot X by GitHub

Apart from students, Github Copilot X is a perfect solution for programmers, too. This tool is based on the idea of auto-completion but goes beyond that. By offering real-time suggestions and completions for code and functions, Copilot X is a remedy for the dreaded programmer's block.

GitHub Copilot is based on the OpenAI GPT-4 model and has been tutored with millions of lines of code. It is compatible with the usual coding editor systems, such as VS Code, Visual Studio, Neovim, and JetBrains. This intuitive ChatGPT alternative can also auto-generate syntax for different programming languages, for instance, Javascript, PHP, and BASH.

GitHub has added chat and voice capabilities to Copilot, enabling users to have a ChatGPT-like experience. Copilot X can be requested to provide code improvements through a natural language prompt, and it will respond with suggestions in real-time.

Copilot X provides users an in-depth analysis of code blocks and explanations via GPT-4. It facilitates pull requests, answers questions concerning documentation, and offers a personalized experience for developers. Having only been accessible to a few, it is now rolling out more broadly. The service comes for $10 a month for individuals and $19 per person per month for corporate usage.

Notable Attributes:

  • Driven by GPT-4, A great coding model for coders, Compatible with various IDEs.
  • Autocompletes your code.
  • Creates test functions.
  • Gives a comprehensive analysis and explanation of code, is expensive, and offers a ChatGPT-like experience with coding.

OpenAI Playground

The OpenAI Playground

A space for exploration and experimentation with artificial intelligence technologies provided by OpenAI.

It is important to note that OpenAI Playground is not intended for regular users. If you cannot use ChatGPT but still want to experience its features, OpenAI Playground is the solution. The web-based tool works similarly to ChatGPT but with more enhanced options, such as selecting a specific language model to explore. Once the model is chosen, users can customize other parameters, including randomness, number of tokens, stop sequences, frequency penalty, and the GPT-4 LLM for ChatGPT Plus customers.

A visual representation of the Open AI playground interface is presented in the image. It depicts a user-friendly platform for experimentation with AI.

OpenAI Playground, a demonstration of the ChatGPT service, produces outputs similar to the actual service. Check out the fascinating ChatGPT prompts mentioned in this post. Additionally, this chatbot test supports voice inputs, and you can even submit an audio file.

Playground's AI bots are prompt with their responses and, best of all, free after creating an account. It is important to note, though, that access might be temporarily lost if the server is overwhelmed with activity - just like ChatGPT.

Notable Attributes:

  • Model Customization: Users have a plethora of options to tailor the models to their needs.
  • Variety of Models: Multiple models are available for different tasks and requirements.
  • Sound Recordings: The platform supports the upload of sound recordings.
  • Free Usage: Users can access the platform without any cost.

A common type of inquiry often asked are FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions.

How might one define AI Chatbots?

For those who don't know, AI chatbots are programs and apps created to give the feeling of interacting with a human. This has been made possible thanks to the development of ChatGPT, which has caused an increase in the number of AI chatbots. These bots can do more than talk, such as writing essays, computing calculations, etc. There are a lot of ChatGPT alternatives that work as complete AI chatbots. So, you can talk to them and expect a response in return.

Is There an Ultimate Substitute for ChatGPT?

It cannot be said that any of the ChatGPT alternatives we have provided is the definitive option. The suitable choice for a particular user depends on their individual needs. Therefore, no matter if the goal is to develop code, compose writing, or locate information with a search engine, there is an alternative for everyone.

Do You Get Access to ChatGPT at No Cost?

It is open to everyone to experiment and use ChatGPT without cost. However, anyone wanting to sample the new GPT-4 model needs to shell out $20 a month. This will not only provide them with a more advanced language model but also free them from any downtime. 

What is the purpose of ChatGPT's Advanced Data Analysis?

ChatGPT has a unique feature called Advanced Data Analysis for users with the ChatGPT Plus subscription. This mode allows someone to upload code or data and have the bot analyze it. If you're a programmer needing debugging help, this is an ideal solution.

What Is Google's Alternative to ChatGPT?

Google has experimented with various language models, such as BERT, MUM, and LaMDA. The most recent is Google Bard, an experimental conversational AI system with a range of features, including access to the web, extension support, citing sources, and multimodal assistance.

Do people prefer Google Bard over ChatGPT?

It would need to be more accurate to state one AI chatbot is superior to the other. Both ChatGPT and Google Bard have their own unique advantages that users appreciate. For example, Google Bard has multiple drafts and sources for variety, while some enjoy GPT-4's quickness and information. Ultimately, the choice is up to you and depends on your particular preferences.


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The Internet has had a tremendous effect on human life, revolutionizing communication, labor, and even our thought processes. This influence has been so immense that it has permanently changed our way of life.

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