7 Best Chat GPT Apps For Mobile Worth Trying In 2024

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Making everyday tasks easier, improving customer experience, and making it quicker to create content just got a lot simpler!

ChatGPT is all over the internet for good reasons! Among the best Chat GPT apps, this fantastic AI chatbot can do so many cool things. It can write blog posts fast and even help with coding like a pro. With everything ChatGPT can do, it's no shock that people wanted it on their phones.

Good news: ChatGPT is now available on the App Store.

But what about Android users? ChatGPT has launched its ChatGPT mobile app in the Google Play Store.

And guess what? ChatGPT will soon be available in the web store as a ChatGPT plugin. Looking for the best Chat GPT apps for Android or iOS alternatives? You're in luck!

In this blog post, we're going to show you how to get ChatGPT on your mobile devices. We will show you some great ChatGPT-based apps and why they are better than the original ChatGPT app on Android and iOS.

So, let's get straight to the point!

Here's some exciting news: ChatGPT is now available on both the App Store and Google Play Store .

ChatGPT is easy to use. Find out more about how to use ChatGPT here

The ChatGPT app talks with you and gives detailed answers to what you ask.

The key is to use a good prompt. Remember, the quality of your input affects the output. For more detailed answers, it's better to use a statement rather than a question.

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Get over 150 ChatGPT prompts that you can easily copy and paste to create awesome responses. Learn how to write ChatGPT prompts.

Here, we're going to show you the best alternatives to ChatGPT that have an app for Android, iOS, or both. With these apps, you can easily make content right from your couch.

Discover the Best Chat GPT Apps for 2024

If you're looking for the top Chat GPT apps in 2024, you've come to the right place. In this section, we will explore the best ChatGPT apps available today, their features, pros and cons, and pricing. Whether you're looking for a personal assistant or a business solution, these top ChatGPT apps have you covered.

Are you excited about exploring the market for the best Chat GPT apps? Well, get ready for a surprise!

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They are ideal for your mobile devices. Do you have someone in mind to chat with? Are you looking for a bang for your buck? With options out there, it's important to thoroughly explore to find the perfect fit.

Want to know about the best AI chatbots out there? Be sure to check out our detailed review of the top AI chatbots

Each of these Chat GPT apps offers something. Let's embark on a journey to discover the best ChatGPT apps, for both Android and iOS:

List of Top Chat GPT Apps:

  • Aichatsy
  • ChatGPT - Original AI chatbot
  • Genie - AI Chatbot Assistant
  • Chat On - AI Chat Bot Assistant
  • Frank: AI Chat Assistant
  • ChatSonic
  • Nova AI

💡 Get ready to dive in and experience the exciting world of AI-powered chat apps!

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1. AiChatSY

aichatsy ai chatbot and assistant app logoIntroducing Aichatsy, an AI chatbot that leads the pack in our lineup. Aichatsy is a feature-rich. It is an improved version of the Chat AI App that is an excellent replacement for ChatGPT. 

You will be amazed by Aichatsy's capacity. Compare the Aichatsy app to other apps and see the difference they bring.

It helps to deliver real-time data, searchable photos, and audio content. Just like ChatGPT, you can use the Aichatsys Android app to create content on the move. The great thing is that Aichatsys is available as a Chat AI app on both the Apple Store and Play Store.

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🟢 Here are some of the fantastic features that AiChatsy offers:

Intelligent AI Chatbot : Aichatsy is powered by some awesome  AI models like ChatGPT , GPT-4, ChatGPT 4o, Palm 2, and Google’s Gemini. These models help the app give really precise and helpful answers. Whether you're just chilling or need help with tough questions, Aichatsy has got you covered.

Image Generation & Recognition : Aichatsy can create high quality images from your prompts. You can choose the style, size, and type of images you want, giving you lots of options to customize your pictures.

Customizable Templates: There are over 30 templates for all sorts of things! Whether you need to write an email, plan a business, set up a fitness routine, prepare for an interview, create jokes, tell stories, write essays, or more, there's a template for it. You can use these templates to make all kinds of different tasks easier and more fun.

Awesome Extra Features:

  • Article Summarizer: Quickly understand the main points of articles.

  • Website Summarizer: Get short summaries of websites by just typing in their URLs.

  • Image Upload & Ask: You can upload pictures and ask questions about what’s in them.

  • Link & Ask: Put in webpage links to learn or ask about their content.

  • Text-to-Audio: Aichatsy can read text out loud, making it easier to get information.

  • Voice Interaction: You can talk to Aichatsy without typing, which is great for when your hands are full.

  • Language Tools: It has great grammar tools, can rephrase things, and translate, helping you communicate in lots of languages.

Aichatsy is a smart problem solver that uses AI to make tasks easier and find solutions for different challenges.

Aichatsy App Overview, Features, and User Ratings

aichatsy Price

Aichatsy Pros

  • Cool AI Buddy: AIChatsy is like having a smart friend in your phone. It's powered by ChatGPT technology, which helps you do lots of different things.
  • Talk to It: You can just speak to the app instead of typing. It's like chatting with someone who understands you without needing to use your hands.
  • Knows a Lot of Stuff: This app isn't just about one thing. Whether you're into gaming, learning new things, or just need some help organizing your day, AIChatsy has got your back.
  • Easy to Use: It's got a bunch of templates and a really simple layout, so you don't have to be a tech wizard to figure out how to use it.
  • Gets Smarter With You: The more you chat with AIChatsy, the better it gets at helping you. It's like it learns what you like and need, so it becomes more like your personal helper over time.

Aichatsy Cons

  • New to the Market: AIChatsy is a fairly new app, which means it's the perfect time for you to get on board. This gives you a unique chance to not only use the app but also influence how it develops over time. Join now and be part of shaping the future of AI Chatsy!

Aichatsy Pricing Plans

Aichatsy's Pricing Plans

Aichatsy Plan Price
Free $0
Weekly $5
Monthly $15
Yearly $55

Read more about how you can use AIchatsy. You can download the Aichatsy app directly from the Aichatsy website, the Google Store, or the Apple Store.

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aichatsy chat gpt app

Why you should download AI Chatsy APP

Aichatsy brings you the latest info and insights right to your fingertips, using Google and NLP technologies. Why carry your laptop everywhere when you can just download the Aichatsy AI app?

It even responds to your voice just like the friendly AI assistants you know — like Google Assistant or Siri. With the ChatGPT Android app, you can talk to it and get things done easily.

Aichatsy is like your own digital helper. It’s super easy to talk to, like chatting with a friend, and it doesn’t cost extra. Aichatsy is the perfect chatbot buddy, ready to help with everything from relationship advice to interview prep.

Blog Tip
💡 Tips

Aichatsy isn't just another chatbot. It's your free ticket to real-time data, document uploads, and tailored content. Check it out on Apple & Play Store.

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ChatGPT - best chatgpt apps

2. ChatGPT - Original AI chatbot

chatgpt logo

ChatGPT is a conversational AI chatbot made by Open AI. It can write emails, essays, poems, grocery lists, and letters.

Besides writing, ChatGPT can chat with you about different topics, like  "What are colors?" or "What is the meaning of life?" It’s also great at STEM subjects, so it can help with coding and solving math problems.

Using ChatGPT is very easy now because you don't need to log in anymore. Just visit the ChatGPT website, and you can start chatting, just like using Google.


🟢  Here are some of its key features and use cases: 

  • Uses Advanced AI Technology:  It's powered by some of the latest AI models, which means it's really smart and can understand a lot of things.

  • Writes Text:  ChatGPT can help you write stories, essays, or even help you come up with ideas for projects.

  • Solves Math Problems:  Stuck on a math question? ChatGPT can help you figure it out.

Chatgpt feature

🟢 Now, let's take a look at some extraordinary use cases for Alissu:

Helps with Computer Programming:  If you're just starting to learn how to code, think of ChatGPT as your coding buddy. It can help explain programming stuff in a way that's easy to understand.

Works in Many Languages:  ChatGPT can talk in lots of different languages, which is awesome if you're trying to learn a new one.

Keeps Getting Better:  The people who made ChatGPT keep working on it to make it even smarter and better at helping you.

Read more about: ChatGPT: How to use ChatGPT  

Did you know ChatGPT launched in November 2022 and quickly became a hit? Thanks to its popularity, lots of other apps like ChatGPT started popping up. If you're into AI chatbots, you should definitely check out ChatGPT—it's the original app that started it all!

ChatGPT App Details

ChatGPT App Details

Detail Information
Version 1.2024.157
Updated on Jun 13, 2024
Requires Android 6.0 and up
Downloads 110,000,000+ downloads
Released on Jul 24, 2023
Offered by OpenAI

ChatGPT Pros:

  • Awesome at Chatting: ChatGPT is super good at understanding what you're saying and can chat about tons of different things you're into!

  • Helps with Homework and Coding: Stuck on math? Need to write an essay? Or even code something cool for a project? ChatGPT is here to help you with all of that.

  • Totally Free: The best part? You don’t have to pay a penny to use ChatGPT. It’s completely free, which is really great, especially for students like you!

ChatGPT Cons:

  • Not Always Right: Sometimes, ChatGPT might give you information that's not 100% correct.

ChatGPT Pricing Plans

ChatGPT Pricing Plans

Plan Type Price
Free $0.00
Plus $20 per month
ChatGPT User Experience and Reviews

ChatGPT User Experience and Reviews


The ChatGPT app is a big hit! It has an amazing 4.9 out of 5 stars from over 900,000 reviews on the Apple App Store. On the Google Play Store, it’s rated 4.5 out of 5 stars with over 100,000 reviews.


110 million people have downloaded the app on both Apple and Android devices. It’s super popular and trusted by lots of users!

User Experience

ChatGPT is made for users, with a simple interface that even your grandma can easily use.

Read more about ChatGPT reviews

ChatGPT is quite good, but it can sometimes have bugs and not respond well, which can be annoying for users. To avoid these issues, it's a better idea to choose a top-notch ChatGPT app like AI Chatsy.

Blog Tip
💡 Tips

Try ChatGPT-4.0 new version for in-depth and detailed responses on a wide range of topics and uses.

3. Genie - 4o AI Chatbot Assistant

genie ai chatbot assistant app logo

Genie is an AI-powered assistant that's not just smart, it's brilliant. Genie, created by AppNation and using advanced technologies like GPT-3, GPT-4, and GPT-4o, has impressed over a million users.

This high-tech chatbot is more than just a program—it could change the way you interact, learn, and reach your goals. Whether you’re looking to answer a question, get suggestions, or even understand images, Genie has you covered.

Genie is useful for many tasks. You can use it for fun or work. It has cool features like visual recognition and document integration. These features make it versatile and helpful.

And the best part? Available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store, so everyone with an Android or iPhone can give it a try.

🟢 Here are some of the fantastic features that Genie offers:

  • Powered by Smart Tech:  Genie uses smart AI technology like GPT-3, GPT-4, and GPT-4o to give you really helpful answers when you ask questions. It’s like having a super smart friend who knows a lot of stuff!

  • Super Simple App:  Genie is an easy-to-use app that makes talking to the AI assistant straightforward and fun. It’s designed to be user-friendly, so you can start chatting right away.

  • Recognizes Images:  One of the coolest things about Genie is that it can understand pictures. This means you can show it an image, and it will tell you what it sees, making your chats even more interesting.

  • Remembers Your Chats:  Genie can remember your past conversations, which helps it give better answers. It can remember what you say, but it can't respond with voice messages.

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genie chatgpt app

🟢 Genie also excels in creative tasks and general knowledge inquiries:

Writing Assistance: Need help writing an essay or a story? Genie can make it easier for you.

Answering Questions: Whether you have a big question or a small one, Genie knows a lot and can help you find answers.

Engaging Conversations: Genie is great for chatting with friends or getting advice. Have fun talking about anything with Genie!

Want to do things smarter and reach your goals faster? Give Genie a try. Don’t miss out on experiencing all its amazing features. Download the Genie Chat GPT app from the Google Play Store or app store today and see what it can do for you!

Genie App Details

Genie App Details

Detail Information
Version 6.2.5
Updated on May 27, 2024
Requires Android 7.0 and up
Downloads 1,000,000+ downloads
Released on Dec 16, 2022

Genie Pros

  • Super Easy to Use: Genie AI comes with a cool feature where you can just drag and drop to set up your chatbot. It's really simple, even if you don't know how to code!

  • Super Helpful: Genie AI chatbots can do a bunch of different things. They can help customers, sell products, or even handle marketing tasks. They're really flexible!

  • Affordable: They offer various pricing plans, which makes it easy to find one that fits your budget, whether you're a small business or a big company.

  • Voice to Text: Just talk, and it types for you! This is perfect if you prefer speaking over typing.

  • Customizable Responses: You can tweak how your chatbot talks to make sure it's just right for what you need or like.

Genie Cons

  • Still a Work in Progress: Since Genie AI is still being worked on, it's not perfect yet.

  • Might Get Things Wrong: Sometimes, the chatbot might give you information that's not right or a bit misleading.

  • Paying for Extra Stuff: If you want the really cool features, you might have to go for a subscription plan, and they'll tell you how much it costs in the app.

Genie Pricing Plans

Genie Pricing Plans

Plan Type Price Billing Cycle
Weekly Unlimited $6.99 per week Weekly
Weekly Unlimited Discounted $5.99 per week Weekly
Pro Access $7.99 per week Weekly
Secret Discount (Annual) $39.99 per year Annual
Yearly Unlimited $69.99 per year Annual
Pro Access (Annual) $19.99 per year Annual
Genie User Experience and Reviews

Genie User Experience and Reviews


4.4 stars with 116K reviews


Over 1 million

Target Audience


Ads and Purchases

Contains ads and in-app purchases

User Experience

Generally positive reviews, with some users experiencing minor glitches and voice feature issues.

Genie is a cool ChatGPT app, but sometimes it gives the same basic answers again and again, which can be truly annoying. The app was first created for iOS. It was later adjusted for Android. This is why it doesn't function as well on Android devices. Users are frustrated by this issue. If you're looking for a ChatGPT app that makes smart, varied replies and works really well, check out Aichatsy!

Blog Tip
💡 Tips

Leverage Genie's unique features like image interpretation and web link integration for a richer AI chat experience.

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4. ChatOn - AI Chat Bot Assistant

chat on ai chat bot assistant app logo

Meet ChatOn - AI Chat Bot Assistant, a super smart AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT and GPT-4o technologies.

ChatOn can generate text from images, change text to images, read text out loud, and change spoken words to written text.

This app is all about helping you get more done. It comes with over 100 ready-to-use prompts that can assist with various writing tasks. Whether you need to polish your writing or come up with creative ideas, ChatOn has got you covered.

This tool is great for copywriters who need help expressing ideas and for students working on homework. ChatOn is extremely popular and ranks high in productivity categories in several countries. Plus, it’s super easy to use thanks to its user-friendly design.

Let's delve into some of the features it offers:

  • Image-to-Text Converter: ChatOn can turn pictures into words. This makes chatting with the bot even better because it understands your images.

  • Text to Image Feature: ChatOn can also do the opposite—turn your ideas into awesome pictures! This makes it super fun to communicate creatively, not just changing pictures to words.

  • Math and Coding Assistance: Even though ChatOn can do a lot, it doesn’t specifically say it can help with math or coding in the app's description.

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chaton chat gpt app

🟢 Now, let's explore some exciting use cases to make the most out of ChatOn:

Quick Answers:  Use ChatOn as your AI friend to get fast and right answers to your questions.

Help with Writing:  ChatOn can check your writing to make sure it sounds good and has no grammar mistakes.

Writing Help:  ChatOn has awesome AI that can help you write essays, poems, and more creative works.

ChatOn is completely free and also has some special features you can buy if you want even more cool options. You can find ChatOn on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, so it works on iPhones too. Try out ChatOn and see how it can make writing and chatting way better with its advanced features.

ChatOn App Details

ChatOn App Details

Detail Information
Version 1.41.385-408
Updated on May 23, 2024
Requires Android 8.0 and up
Downloads 5,000,000+ downloads
Offered by AIBY Inc.
Released on Jan 10, 2023

ChatOn Pros

  • Super Easy to Use: ChatOn has a really simple interface, so it doesn't matter how old you are or how much you know about tech, you can use it easily.

  • Make It Your Own: You can set up your own chat scenarios just how you like them, making it really personal.

  • Keeps You Updated: It sends notifications for important stuff, so you're always in the loop.

  • Works with Other Apps: You can link it with different apps to do even more cool things.

  • Like Your Own Assistant: For iPhone users, it's like having a chat with a smart assistant that gets you.

ChatOn Cons

  • Only in English: Right now, ChatOn only works in English, which isn't great if you're better with other languages.

  • Can't Do Everything: It's helpful, but there are some things it can't do compared to other chatbot assistants.

  • Might Need to Pay for More: The basic stuff is free, but if you want the extra cool features, you might have to pay.

ChatOn Pricing

ChatOn Pricing

Plan Price
In-app purchases $6.99 - $59.99 per item
ChatOn User Experience and Reviews

ChatOn User Experience and Reviews

App Store Ranking

#22 in Productivity


4.7 out of 5 with 125.8k Ratings


Available on iPhone, requires iOS 15.0 or later

User Experience

Users find ChatOn user-friendly and innovative for generating new ideas and text.

Some users have praised its intuitive design and productivity-enhancing features.

ChatOn is alright, but it often doesn't function right and freezes, which can get pretty frustrating. What's more, it insists on signing up even during the so-called 'free trial,' so you've got to watch out. It’s better to go for Aichatsy- the best ChatGPT app.

Blog Tip
💡 Tips

Use ChatOn's advanced ChatGPT & GPT-4 to convert text to images and improve AI chat and content creation.

5. Frank: AI Chat Assistant

frank ai chat assistant app logo

Meet  Frank , your new AI chat assistant powered by ChatGPT-4o. Frank gives you an ad-free experience, which means no interruptions while you use it.

Frank is awesome at finding info, writing stuff for you, and even creating pictures. It's really easy to use on your phone because everything just works smoothly.

Frank can talk to you in two ways: he can write back or even speak, thanks to smart tech known as NLP (Natural Language Processing). Frank also understands over 100 languages, so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can still use it easily.

Need help with your homework or making some creating images? Frank’s here to make things super easy and fast for you.

🟢 Here are some of the fantastic features that the Frank AI assistant offers:

  • Ad-Free Search:  Search for anything you want without annoying ads getting in the way. It makes using Frank really smooth and enjoyable.

  • Text and Image Generation:  Easily create cool texts and amazing images with Frank’s help. It’s super simple and fun!

  • Frank AI Keyboard Extension:  This cool feature lets Frank help you right from your keyboard. It makes doing your daily tasks easier because Frank is just a tap away.

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frank ai chatbot

🟢 Now, let's dive into the fantastic use cases where Frank AI assistant truly shines:

Actual human-like texts and voice-overs:  Frank can make texts and voice-overs that sound like a real person. He can help with answering questions or writing poems. Frank can assist with all your creative needs.

Amazing Image Generation:  Use the power of AI to create stunning and captivating images with help from Frank.

Quick Edits and Rephrasing:  With Frank, you can quickly change or rephrase anything to make sure your content is perfect every time.

Read more about Frank AI Chat Assistant

Frank, the advanced ChatGPT app, can help you be more creative and achieve great things. Try it out and experience the wonders of AI-powered assistance firsthand!

Frank App Details

Frank App Details

Detail Information
Version 3.5.3
Updated on May 15, 2024
Requires iOS 13.0 or later
Size 83.5 MB
Seller Franks AI AB
Category Productivity

Frank Pros

  • Powered by ChatGPT: Frank uses this super cool ChatGPT and voice tech. This means it gets what you're saying naturally and gives you accurate answers.

  • Speaks Lots of Languages: It's available in over 100 languages! So, people all over the world can use it easily.

  • Text and Voice Chats: Whether you like typing or talking, Frank works both ways, making it really flexible.

  • No Ads in Search: When you search for something, there are no ads popping up, which makes your browsing smooth.

  • Creates Text and Images: Give it an idea, and Frank can make an image or write something about it. It's great if you're into making cool stuff.

Frank Cons

  • Can't Do Everything: Frank is helpful but might not have all the abilities that other AI chatbot assistants have.

  • Might Need to Pay for More: There's a free version, but for extra cool features, you might have to get a subscription.

  • Privacy Stuff: Some people might have concerns about how Frank uses and handles user data, based on its privacy policy and terms of use.

Frank Pricing Plans

Frank Pricing Plans

Plan Type Price
Free $0.00
Basic $9.99 per month
Ultimate Power Plan $19.99 per month
Frank User Experience and Reviews

Frank User Experience and Reviews

App Store Category



4.7 out of 5 with 1.1k Ratings


Free with In-App Purchases


Works on iPhone with iOS 13.0+, iPod touch, and Mac with Apple M1 chip or newer.

User Experience

Users really like using Frank for their projects because it works like an expert in many different areas.

But here's the thing about this ChatGPT app, Frank: it's not really all that safe. So, it's a good idea to steer clear of sharing any personal or private info with Frank. There's a chance the app might end up saying impolite or not-so-appropriate stuff. If you're worried about your privacy and want to be on the safe side, you've got some other great options for Best ai chatbots like Aichatsy, Chatsonic, and ChatBot.

Blog Tip
💡 Tips

Think about making regular updates to improve user experience by refining ad interactions and enhancing AI memory for better chats.


6. ChatSonic: The Ultimate Chat Partner for Your iPhone

chatsonic the ultimate chat partner app logo

ChatSonic is like a supercharged chat buddy for your iPhone. It's built on this awesome foundation called Chatsonic and is powered by the latest GPT-4 technology. This means your chats are about to get a whole lot cooler.

Here's what makes ChatSonic amazing:

  • Smart GPT-4 Tech: It uses GPT-4, which is super advanced, so your chats are smarter and more interesting.

  • Choose Your AI Character: You can pick from a bunch of different AI characters to chat with. Each one has its own style, so it's a lot of fun.

  • Supports multiple languages: ChatSonic works in many languages, so you can chat easily in the one you like best.

  • Loads of Cool Features: It's packed with features that make your conversations more intelligent and way more exciting.

Chatsonic AI Writer App Details

Chatsonic AI Writer App Details

Detail Information
Version 1.2.3
Updated on June 12, 2024
Requires iOS 13.0 or later
Downloads The exact download count is not provided
Offered by Writesonic Inc.
Released on February 1, 2024

ChatSonic Pros

  • Super Versatile: Chatsonic is like a multi-tool for chatting. It's not just for talking; it can write stuff, translate languages, answer your questions, make pictures, and a lot more. This is really cool for all kinds of people, like if you're a student, a writer, or even starting your own business.

  • Awesome for Making Text and Images: Need to create an image or write an article? Chatsonic uses AI to help you out with that. It's pretty handy for making all sorts of things, from homework to cool posts for social media.

  • Covers Lots of Needs: It's like a handy helper for so many things. Whether you're working on a school project, a blog, or just want to post something cool online, Chatsonic has a bunch of tools that can help you out.

Chatsonic Cons

  • Limits on How Much You Can Write: If you go for one of the paid plans, there's a limit on how many words you can use, which might be a problem if you need to write a lot.

  • Some Problems with Making Pictures: Sometimes, when it tries to make images, things don't always turn out right.

  • Might Not Be Super Unique: While Chatsonic is great at creating stuff, the things it makes might not always be super unique or really interesting.

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chatsonic - best chat gpt app
Chatsonic Pricing Plans

Chatsonic Pricing Plans

Plan Type Price Additional Notes
Free Trial Free Basic plan for casual users
Chatsonic Pro $15 per month Suitable for more frequent use
Individual $20 per month Tailored for specific requirements
Business Plan $99 per month Higher word limits and additional features available
Chatsonic User Experience and Reviews

Chatsonic User Experience and Reviews

App Store Category



4.7 out of 5 with 327 Ratings


Works on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Macs with an Apple M1 chip or newer. You need iOS 13.0 or iPadOS 13.0 or later versions to use it.

User Experience

Users really like the app because it works well for different writing tasks and has a neat, easy-to-use interface. Some users are concerned about misleading ads and are unsure if the AI technology in the app is real.

7. Nova AI

nova ai chatbot and assistant app logo

Meet Nova AI: A cutting-edge chatbot that uses some of the most advanced AI technologies out there, like ChatGPT, GPT-4, and PaLM 2.

Nova AI is super smart. It understands your questions and can chat back in a way that feels like you're talking to a real person. It's like having a conversation with a friend who knows a lot!

Nova AI is your ultimate assistant for a wide range of tasks. Looking for a new book to read or have questions on different subjects? Nova AI is ready to help you out.

🟢 Let's take a look at the mind-blowing features of NOVA AI:

  • AI Technology: Nova AI uses the newest ChatGPT tech from OpenAI (the GPT-4 model). It’s really smart and can answer lots of different questions with detailed responses.

  • Multilingual support: Nova AI can talk and help users in over 140 languages, so people all around the world can use it easily.

  • Seamless experience across devices: With just one account, you can use Nova AI on any device you want without any trouble.
nova chatbot chatgpt app

🟢 Now, let's delve into how Nova AI can be of great help:

AI Writing Assistant:  Need help writing anything from social media posts to essays, or even songs? Nova AI is your go-to assistant for all kinds of writing tasks.

AI Proofreading:  With the help of GPT-4, Nova AI can check your writing to make sure it's clear and professional.

Reliable Chat Partner:  Nova AI can chat with you just like a person. Whether you're looking for fun, advice, or just someone to talk to, Nova AI is there for you.

With Nova AI by your side, you'll have an intelligent assistant ready to help with many tasks. Chat with Nova AI and experience its advanced technology, making your conversations natural and enjoyable.

Nova App Details

Nova App Details

Detail Information
Version Varies with device
Updated on Jun 10, 2024
Requires Android Varies with device
Downloads 10,000,000+ downloads
Offered by ScaleUp
Released on Mar 3, 2023

Nova Ai Pros

  • Automatic Video Editing: Nova AI is like a smart helper that looks at your footage and suggests cool edits. This makes editing videos quicker and easier.
  • Choose Your Style: You get to pick from different templates to make your videos stand out.
  • Add Text and Graphics: You can put words and graphics on your videos to make them more interesting.
  • Easy to Learn: It's really user-friendly and has clear instructions and tutorials, so you won't get lost.

  • Plays Well with Many Formats: Whether it's sound or video files, like MP3, WAV, PNG, JPEG, MOV, and MP4, Nova AI can handle them.

Nova Ai Cons

  • Less Control: You might feel like you don't have as much control over editing as you would with traditional video editing software.
  • Missing the Human Touch: Since it's AI-powered, Nova AI might not add that personal, human touch that can make videos feel really special.
  • Not Compatible with Everything: There might be some video formats that Nova AI can't work with.
Nova AI Pricing Plans

Nova AI Pricing Plans

Plan Price Description Additional Costs
Free Free Basic features for casual use N/A
Basic $8 per month Suitable for individuals needing simple video editing; includes basic features +$1 for extra 100 GB storage + $4 for extra 1 hour of subtitles + $5 per extra stock asset
Pro $18 per month Ideal for professionals and teams; enhanced video and audio content management +$1 for extra 100 GB storage + $4 for extra 1 hour of subtitles + $5 per extra stock asset
Business Pricing not specified For companies managing large volumes of video/audio content; advanced features and support N/A

Nova AI offers a free trial for its paid plans. Users can choose to subscribe to a 1-week plan with a 3-day trial, a 1-month plan with a 3-day trial, or a 1-year subscription, each offering discounts on the weekly price.

Nova AI is okay, but it’s not that fun to use because the design is pretty boring. Also, when you need help, their customer support doesn’t always pay attention to your problems. On the flip side, Aichatsy is the best chatbot app. It is easy to use with friendly customer support. That’s why Aichatsy is the better choice.

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Harness Nova's writing and proofreading tools. Addressing user feedback on character insertions can enhance the experience.

Why These Apps are the Top Choices

These top ChatGPT apps are truly impressive and have awesome AI features, they’re easy to use, and they come with lots of fun tools. Whether you need a helpful virtual assistant or something to make you more productive, these apps are some of the best choices out there.

AI Chatbot Features

AI Chatbot Features

Chatbot Feature
AiChatSY AiChatSY is awesome because it can create images and talk to you, giving you a full AI experience.
ChatGPT ChatGPT is a conversational AI chatbot made by OpenAI. It can write emails, essays, poems, grocery lists, and letters.
Genie Genie is great for recognizing images and having fun chats.
ChatOn ChatOn uses something called GPT-4 to make its chats even deeper.
Frank Frank is good for people all over the world because it doesn't have ads and works in many languages.
ChatSonic ChatSonic also uses GPT-4 to make talking to it better and more interesting.
Nova AI Nova AI uses the newest ChatGPT tech from OpenAI (the GPT-4o model).

How to Pick the Best ChatGPT Apps This Year?

With so many ChatGPT apps out there, it might seem hard to pick the best one. Here are 5 easy tips to help you choose:

Check Out Reviews  - Before you jump in, read what other people say about the apps. Look at the ratings and see if other users think the app is good. This can help you figure out if it might be right for you.

Look at the Features  - Don't just look for an app that can chat. See what else the app can do. Can it turn speech into text? Does it work well with other apps you use? Make a list of what's important to you and look for apps that have these features.

Think About Privacy  - Make sure the app keeps your information safe. Read the privacy policy and check if the app protects your messages from other people seeing them.

Try It Out  - Most ChatGPT apps let you try them for free or have a basic version that doesn't cost anything. Use this chance to test out different apps and see which one you like best.

Ask Around  - Ask your friends, family, or people online which apps they like. Sometimes, the best advice comes from people you know or those who have used the app themselves.

These steps should help you find a great ChatGPT app that meets your needs!

3 Reasons You’re Not Using the Best ChatGPT Apps Yet

Even though ChatGPT apps are really cool, you might not have tried them yet. Here are three reasons why you should try ChatGPT apps:

  1. You Might Not Know About Them - ChatGPT apps keep getting updates and new features. It's worth it to explore different apps to discover all the awesome things they can do.

  2. Worried It'll Feel Weird - Some people think chatting with these apps might feel strange or too robotic. But the technology has gotten a lot better, and now these apps can chat in a way that feels natural and friendly.

  3. Nervous About New Things - It can be a bit scary to try new tech. But ChatGPT apps are designed to make chatting easier and more fun. Give them a shot and see how they can improve your conversations!

The Best Free Chat GPT Apps: How They Are Shaping Mobile Communication

ChatGPT apps are really changing how we use our phones for chatting. They make texting almost feel like you're talking to someone face-to-face. Here are three big ways these apps are making chatting better:

  1. Convenience: These apps let you send messages or voice notes super easily, no matter where you are. It's a lot handier than the old way of texting.

  2. Personalization: ChatGPT apps can learn how you talk and offer suggestions that sound like you. This makes your chats more fun and feels more like you.

  3. Efficiency: These apps help you reply faster with automatic responses and can even turn your spoken words into text. This means you can chat quicker without typing everything out.

Why These 7 Best ChatGPT Apps are Trending in 2024

Discover the trends: The seven ChatGPT apps mentioned in this blog are not just the best, they're also trending in 2024 for a few reasons:

  1. Innovation: These AI tools are leading the way in ChatGPT technology. They're always adding new features and making things better for users.

  2. User-Friendly Design: They have interfaces that are easy to use for everyone, whether you're really good with tech or not.

  3. Ongoing Updates: The teams behind these apps are always working to make them better. They fix problems, listen to what users say, and add new things to improve the overall experience.

Still on the hunt for the perfect ChatGPT app? Check Out This Table! 

Comparison Table of Best Chat GPT Apps for Android & iOS

App Comparison

App Comparison

App Name Key Features Unique Selling Points Star Rating
Aichatsy Document Upload,
Website Scanning,
Article Scanning,
Tailored Templates, ChatGPT-4o Integration, Intuitive Interface & Dashboard
ChatGPT-4, ChatGPT 4o, Palm 2, and Google’s Gemini integration, comprehensive scanning, and template features. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
ChatGPT Voice-to-text conversion, Flexible design, Powered by Open AI's GPT, Code and SQL support, Writes Text, problem solver, image generator. Supports Many Languages, Specialized in educational and professional assistance. ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Genie Powered by GPT 3.5, GPT 4, and GPT 4o, Photo inputs from camera, Voice responses, Writing essays and stories, Answering questions, Engaging in conversation. Versatile input methods (photo, voice), Broad range of conversational capabilities. ⭐⭐⭐⭐
ChatOn Image to text conversion, Multi-language support, Math and coding assistance, Quick question answers, Trustworthy proofreading, AI writing assistance. Multifaceted academic support, Multi-language capabilities. ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Frank Ad search experiences, text generation, image creation, Supports over 100 languages, Ad-free search, Text and image generation. High language support, Diverse content generation options. ⭐⭐⭐⭐
ChatSonic Powered by GPT 4, Support for image input and document scanning, Ghostwriting, Analyzing and giving feedback. Advanced GPT 4. ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Nova AI Voice recognition, Multilingual support (over 140 languages), Seamless experience across devices, Answering any query, Calculations to movie suggestions, Natural and enjoyable conversations. Exceptional language and device support, Versatile query handling. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Best Tips And Tricks To Use Official ChatGPT Mobile App In 2024 For IOS And Android

The Official ChatGPT Mobile App is a must-have this year. It's totally free to download and use on both iOS and Android phones. This app makes it super easy to connect to the ChatGPT API, which lets you add ChatGPT to other apps and services you use.

In 2024, there will be even more ChatGPT applications available, especially for businesses. Look out for ChatGPT for Ecommerce, which will help shops talk better with customers and offer more personalized shopping.

One of the coolest things in the ChatGPT Mobile App is the AI Art Generator. It's really popular because it can create unique and beautiful artwork. The app is always getting better, adding new features that are easy to use and make the app more fun.

To really enjoy the app, try out all the cool features and tips. Use the AI Art Generator for fun art projects, or hook up the ChatGPT API to apps you’re building. With the Official ChatGPT Mobile App, you can do so much, and it’s just getting started!

FAQs: Best ChatGPT Apps for Mobile in 2024

Is there a free GPT app?

Yes, there are free GPT-based applications you can use! One popular free app is "ChatGPT" by OpenAI. You can download it from the Google Play Store. It’s great for getting quick answers, personal tips, and creative ideas.

Another awesome free AI application is "AiChatSy." It’s also has a free plan and gives you a fun way to try out AI technology without spending any money. Both of these apps let you explore what AI can do at no cost.

Is there a free ChatGPT app for iPhone?

Yes, you can get free ChatGPT apps for iPhone! OpenAI has an official app called "ChatGPT for iOS" available in the App Store.

Another free AI app for iPhone is "Aichatsy," which offers similar features. This information is about ChatGPT.

Is there an official ChatGPT app?

Sure! There's an "Official ChatGPT Mobile App" for iOS and Android. It's a popular chat platform in 2023. The app has a free version and a paid "Chat Plus Pro with GPT 4.0" version. The paid version has better chat history, more accurate responses, and no ads.

Which is the better ChatGPT app?

Different people like different apps, but here are three best ChatGPT apps:

  1. ChatGPT for iOS: This is the official app from OpenAI. It's well-known for working smoothly and having lots of features.

  2. Chat sonic: This app is really smart because it uses GPT-4 and can look up information while you chat. It's like having a super smart buddy who can Search Google for you!

  3. Genie: This app works on both Android and iOS phones. It's designed to make interacting with your device a whole new experience.

And don't forget about AiChatSy! It’s a free AI app that’s also worth checking out. The best app for you will depend on what you need from an app and what features you find useful.

Why go for ChatGPT alternatives?

ChatGPT is popular, but has its limits. It knows things only up to April 2023, so it's not great for the very latest news or trends. It's good at writing but can't create images. 

For that, you need DALL-E, another OpenAI tool. ChatGPT can give you picture ideas, and then you can use DALL-E to make them. But, using both apps might be a bit of a hassle. 

For the newest info or if you prefer voice commands, ChatGPT might not be ideal. It doesn't work like Siri or Google Assistant and doesn't respond to voice. If you want to use voice instead of typing, you might look for other options.

How is Alissu different from other ChatGPT apps?

Alissu is a tool that uses OpenAI's ChatGPT 4 models to help you write code, essays, and summarize articles. It supports three languages.

Why might someone consider ChatGPT alternatives?

ChatGPT, trained on data until 2021, might not have the latest information. It also doesn't support voice commands. Plus, there have been issues with handling the large number of users.

Which app do you recommend for both iOS and Android users as a solution?

I suggest the Official ChatGPT Mobile App as an all-in-one solution for both iOS and Android users.

What are some suggestions, for using the Official ChatGPT Mobile App in 2024?

Try Out the ChatGPT App  - Start by checking out the basic ChatGPT app to see how it works.

Upgrade to Chat Plus Pro  - If you like it, you might want to try Chat Plus Pro which uses a newer version called GPT 4.0 for even cooler chatting.

Look at Other Options  - Don’t just stick to one; see what other apps are like ChatGPT and try them too.

Use the Free Trial  - Most apps let you try them for free for a little while. Make sure to use that so you can see if you really like the app without paying first.

Explore the ChatGPT API  - If you’re into tech stuff, you might find it fun to see what the ChatGPT API can do. It lets you do more advanced things with the chatbot.

Are there any concerns or limitations regarding the Frank AI Chat Assistant?

Be cautious when sharing personal information with Frank, as the app may use it to create content.

Which ChatGPT app do people say has a boring interface?

Many people find Nova AI's interface quite plain or uninteresting.

What is the top chat GPT app for personal use?

We highly recommend Aichatsy for personal use because it has comprehensive features and a user-friendly design.

Which chat GPT app offers the best value for money?

Chatsonic provides excellent value with its affordable pricing and extensive features.

Does Google use AI for search results?

Yes, Google uses AI and machine learning algorithms to improve search results, providing more accurate and relevant information to users.

Which AI is best for code generation?

The best AI for code generation is OpenAI's GPT-4o, known for its advanced natural language processing capabilities and ability to generate high-quality code snippets from plain language descriptions.

What is the main purpose of software development?

The main purpose of software development is to create applications and systems that solve problems, improve efficiency, and provide useful functionalities for users and businesses.

What is the most famous generative AI?

The most famous generative AI is GPT-4o by OpenAI. It's known for creating human-like text and is used in various applications.

What Are Large Language Models (LLMs)?

Large language models  are AI systems capable of understanding and generating human language by processing vast amounts of text data.


Alright, so we've checked out some really cool ChatGPT mobile apps in this article, and it's clear that there's a lot to choose from in 2024. Each app has its own cool stuff to offer.

Aichatsy is good for generate image, info and uploading docs, while Alissu is great for solving math problems. Genie is great at understanding pictures, and ChatOn helps you create images from your ideas, which is truly cool.

Whether you need an app for schoolwork, chatting, or just for fun, there's definitely something here for everyone. These apps are not just smart but also easy to use, which is great when you don't want to spend ages figuring out how to use them.

So, what's the takeaway? Well, in 2024, you've got loads of choices for Chat GPT apps, and each one has something unique to offer. All about what you need and what you like to do.

Give these apps a try and see which one fits your style the best. With all these advanced AI apps, chatting and getting things done is going to be a whole lot cooler and easier!

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