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Jasper is a great tool, especially for those in marketing. It's powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to help marketers create full campaigns with perfect copy and just the proper presentation. While Jasper is more focused on specific tasks than other AI chatbots, its high-quality output, from writing to creating artwork, has made it a top pick among users.

What is Jasper AI?

Jasper is an AI tool that's really handy for creating business content. It's great for creating content, writing marketing material, planning your content, writing briefs for products or content, summarizing meetings, making social media posts, and crafting catchy headlines. Anyone needing help writing copy and content will find Jasper an invaluable resource.

You use Jasper like other AI chatbots, such as ChatGPT and Aichatsy. It's a chatbot that responds to text prompts. You type in what you need or ask questions, and it gives you written responses or even images if you request them. This conversational AI approach allows for interactive and dynamic content creation. You can also ask more questions or tell Jasper to simplify the answers.

Brand voice

Jasper AI Main Features

➡️ Surfer SEO Integration 

  •  What it is : Integration with Surfer SEO.

  •  Benefit : Optimize your content with AI-generated keywords to improve search engine rankings.

➡️ Chat Functionality 

  •  What it is : A chat feature within Jasper.

  •  Benefit : Generate ideas, rephrase text, answer questions, and create content like poems or stories.

➡️ Templates 

  •  What it is : Access to over 50 templates.

  •  Benefit : Create various types of content quickly, from blog post outlines to full articles.

➡️ Enhance Prompt Button 

  •  What it is : A feature to improve your text prompts.

  •  Benefit : Get the best possible results from your content prompts.

➡️ Jasper Art 

  •  What it is : A tool to turn words into images.

  •  Benefit : Enhance your content with visually appealing images.

➡️ Brand Voice 

  •  What it is : A feature that scans your website to understand your brand’s tone.

  •  Benefit : Consistently apply your brand’s voice to all content created with Jasper.

➡️ Campaigns 

  •  What it is : A feature to generate multiple pieces of content in your brand’s voice.

  •  Benefit : Quickly create cohesive campaigns.

➡️ Plagiarism Checker 

  •  What it is : A built-in tool powered by Copyscape.

  •  Benefit : Ensure your content is original and unique.


  • Creates cohesive brand content

  • Checks for plagiarism

  • Allows multiple people to collaborate (with the right plan)

  • Has helpful templates


  • Pricey

  • Needs background info for best results

Jasper ai pros

💡  Jasper Specs 

  •  Free Version : Yes

  •  AI Model : GPT-4

  •  Exchanges per Conversation : Unlimited

How Much Does Jasper Cost?

Jasper might seem expensive, but it really gives you a lot for your money, even though there isn't a free version. The starting plan, the Creator plan, costs $49 per month or $468 if you pay for the whole year.  👇

jasper price

It allows one person to use it and includes features like a Brand Voice (which is a specific writing style you set up for your brand), 50 Knowledge Assets (pieces of information that teach the AI about your brand), 50 templates, an SEO mode, and a browser extension.

The next level up is the Pro plan, which costs $69 per month or $708 per year. This plan lets up to three people use it and set up three different Brand Voices. It includes all the features of the Creator plan plus some extras like DIY templates, tools for managing marketing campaigns, and a tool for team collaboration. 👇

Jasper pro price

The highest plan is the Business plan, which has a custom price. This plan includes all the features with no restrictions, such as Jasper API access, custom style guides, top-notch security, an advanced admin panel for managing permissions, and more. 👇

Jasper business plan

Aichatsy is a super-intelligent AI assistant that combines many features into one tool. It's one of the best AI chatbots of 2024, helping with many tasks to make life easier and more efficient. Aichatsy is even better than the Chat AI App and a great alternative to ChatGPT.


What Can Jasper Do?

I've been writing for about half my life, and the emergence of artificial intelligence tools has made me uneasy. Initially, I tried using Bard and ChatGPT for content creation and research, but they didn't impress me.

For instance, when updating a guide on Kindle devices, Bard reused content I had written earlier without any updates or credits—frustrating, right? However, after giving Jasper a go, I'm slightly concerned again—but for a different reason. Jasper is pretty impressive if you know what to ask for strictly. It's primarily designed for business use. 

Jasper image generate

It can handle tasks like crafting marketing campaigns, writing product descriptions, editing texts, generating catchy headlines, outlining potential blog posts, and brainstorming topics. It's perfect for businesses needing quick, consistent content creation. Jasper can generate high-quality content consistently.

Jasper isn't for more than just heavy-duty writing. Copywriters can use it for copywriting tasks such as whipping up engaging company bios, creating ads for Facebook and Google, composing image captions for Instagram, and writing video descriptions for platforms like YouTube or TikTok.

Jasper comes packed with easy-to-use templates, but if you're feeling creative, you can ditch the templates and interact with Jasper directly by inputting your own prompts and questions. Jasper's AI copywriting capabilities make it a valuable tool for marketers.

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Additional Tools and Use Cases

Jasper has a Plagiarism Checker tool that ensures your writing is original. It won't get flagged for copying others. It also has an Integration settings portal where you can turn on tools like Surfer SEO. This tool helps improve your writing for search engines by giving tips on keywords and other essential details in your document editor. 

You can also integrate Jasper with Grammarly for grammar checks, Promptiogo.com for automation, and Zapier for connecting apps. Jasper also has an Integration settings portal where you can turn on tools like Surfer SEO.

Jasper can help with translating text and writing code, too. There isn't a specific template for coding, but you can ask the chatbot like you would with any other request. For translations, it's easy to do with just a click, although it's good if someone can double-check the translations to ensure they're accurate. 

Brand voice

Jasper Art lets you customize your pictures in free-form mode if you're into creating images. You can describe what you want, pick a mood, a style, and more. There are also some templates to use, but they have fewer options. Like all AI image tools, sometimes the results are great, and sometimes they could be better. Creating content with Jasper is easy and efficient.

Finally, you can use Jasper to have conversations with the chatbot. You can ask as many questions as you like and look back at your discussions anytime. Let Jasper handle the heavy lifting of content creation for you. With its easy-to-use templates and powerful AI capabilities, you can streamline your content creation process and focus on other essential tasks.

Becoming a Better Prompt Engineer

One of Jasper's most helpful features is the Academy. This is a set of courses that helps users learn how to use Jasper effectively. It teaches users how to write good prompts, which is essential for getting the best results from Jasper and other AI tools. Jasper Academy offers many guides on writing high-quality prompts and tips on making great campaigns and using various features of Jasper.

Setting Up Your Brand's Voice with Jasper

jasper command

When you use Jasper, a generative AI tool, the content it creates depends on how you ask your questions. To get started, it's a good idea to set up a "Brand Voice." This is really easy to do! You can set this up by giving Jasper a URL with text that shows your brand's style or by copying and pasting text directly into Jasper. This helps Jasper write in the same style and tone of voice as your brand.

Why Set Up a Brand Voice?

Creating a Brand Voice helps Jasper write in the same style and tone as your brand. This is especially useful for businesses because it keeps your content consistent. You can also tell Jasper to make the text witty, informative, or any other style you like.

Creating Knowledge Base

Besides setting up a Brand Voice, you can also build a Knowledge Base. This is where you add detailed information about your products, your company, or influential people related to your brand. These details are called "Knowledge Assets." By doing this, Jasper better understands what you're talking about. For example, you want Jasper to develop YouTube video ideas for a specific product. In that case, it can use the information from your Knowledge Base to create accurate content.

Jasper template

Templates for a Variety of Needs

Jasper's Business Templates Jasper offers various useful templates for creating different kinds of business content. You can find templates for writing product descriptions for Amazon, detailing product features, creating bios for your company's website, crafting engaging email subject lines, building FAQ pages, and developing marketing ideas for your brand. These are just a few examples of how Jasper can help you create content using bullet points and structured formats.

Fun Templates

Some of Jasper's templates are more about having fun. For example, the Creative Story template lets you combine different characters and settings to make up stories. 

I tried it by mixing Alice in Wonderland with the TV show Supernatural, and it was pretty funny! Even though Jasper knows about Alice, he only knows a little about current TV shows. I have a funny line where one character, Sam, uses his powers to open a portal and disappears!

Explain it to a Child Template

There's also a template called "Explain it to a child." Here, you can type in some text and choose a school grade level, and Jasper will simplify the text for kids of that age. I tested it with a description of auroras from Wikipedia, and Jasper did a great job. The text was adjusted for grade levels, like 12th, 8th, and 4th grade.

How to Create Quality Long-Form Content with Jasper

If you're stuck and need help deciding what to write, Jasper can help you develop ideas. Use the "Blog Post Topic Ideas" template and enter your company name, what your product is about, and who you are writing for. 

Jasper will give you a list of exciting topics to write about, making it easier to create blog articles. This feature is handy for affiliate marketers looking to generate engaging content that drives traffic and conversions. Jasper helps you write content quickly and efficiently.

If you want your content to be easy to find on the internet (SEO-friendly), Jasper has tools, too. Some tools are labeled with SEO "Search engine optimization," but others might be harder to find. For example, the "Content Rewriter" template lets you paste any text you want to improve. Tell Jasper to focus on a specific keyword, and it will adjust your text to highlight that keyword.

Get Started Using Jasper Today

Our review and guide have shown you the awesome features of Jasper AI. We also gave you easy steps to create a blog post and set up Jasper’s Brand Voice. We’ve looked at how this AI writing assistant can make your content creation process faster and better.

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