Top 10 AI tools like ChatGPT you must try in 2024

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We're surprised that we now spend more time talking to a bot than to our boss, but we actually like it. Having an AI chatbot is like having an assistant when you can't hire a real one.

A chatbot can assist with many tasks. It can help you come up with ideas, do research, write emails and reports, program, solve math problems, and even create a theme song for you. It does almost everything an assistant does, except getting you a coffee.

ChatGPT is like the Frisbee or Kleenex of AI assistants, it's the one people usually think of first. It was one of the earliest AI chatbots available to the public. It's free and has improved significantly, first with GPT-3.5 and then with GPT-4. But ChatGPT isn't alone in the AI market.

Many ChatGPT competitors have appeared. Some focus on certain tasks, others have extra features, and some use different algorithms or are based on large language models. These competitors are challenging ChatGPT's leading position.

Here’s a look at the 10 best AI tools like ChatGPT to use in 2024.

Must-Have ChatGPT Alternative Features

Choosing a ChatGPT alternative depends on your job and what you want to use it for. If you work in marketing, you might need an AI that creates content. If you're a software developer, an AI that helps with coding could be useful. Everyone could use an AI that helps them work quicker and do more.

When looking for the best ChatGPT alternative, think about these features while comparing your choices:

  • Language processing technology(NLP): Most AI uses natural language processing (NLP). This means you ask it something in simple language, and it answers. But, how well it understands and responds can be very different in each AI. It's good to ask lots of questions to different AI chatbots to see if their answers are good enough for you.

  • Auto-completion: AI is meant to help us work quicker and easier. With auto-completion, the AI finishes your code, message, or long writing for you. This makes your work go faster.

  • Use cases: Different AIs do different things. Choose an AI that is good at tasks for your job. For instance, people who create content might need AI that can write long articles, make AI art, and plan content calendars. Project managers might need AI to arrange meetings, write summaries of projects, and work on Excel sheets.

  • Plugins: Plugins and integrations let you use AI with the apps you already have. This helps the AI fit better into your work routine. Some plugins also give AI tools extra abilities to do more tasks.
best ai tools like chatgpt

The 10 Best AI tools like ChatGPT you must try in 2024

Now that you know what to look for, let's find the best AI tool like chatgpt for you. Here are 10 AI tools like ChatGPT that are so impressive, you'll want to start using them right away.

aichatsy - best ai tool like chatgpt

1. Aichatsy

Meet Aichatsy, a top AI chatbot in our list. It's an upgraded version of the Chat AI App, a great alternative to ChatGPT.

Aichatsy is impressive. Compare it to other apps to see its difference.

It gives you instant data, pictures you can search, and audio. Like ChatGPT, you can use Aichatsy's Android app to make content anywhere. Aichatsy is available on both Apple Store and Play Store.

Aichatsy best features

  • Free to Use: Aichatsy is totally free. This means anyone can use it without paying anything.

  • Document Upload: Users can quickly upload documents and pull out information from them.

  • Website Scanning: You can get data from any website in real time with website scanning.

  • Article Scanning: Users can use Aichatsy to scan articles and get short summaries or find specific details.

  • Tailored Templates: Aichatsy offers special templates for different jobs like business people, writers, and comedians.

  • ChatGPT-4 Integration: It works with ChatGPT-4, giving you more features.

  • Intuitive Interface & Dashboard: The Aichatsy interface is easy to use and has a well-designed dashboard, making it user-friendly.

Aichatsy limitations

  • No AI on the free version: Aichatsy has a free plan, but you need a paid plan to access the AI features.

Aichatsy Price

Plan Price
Free Forever Free
Unlimited $10.00 per month

2. Writesonic

If you need AI for marketing, Writesonic creates SEO-friendly content for blogs and websites. It also helps write ads, emails, product descriptions, and social media posts.

Writesonic has upgraded from OpenAI's GPT-3 to GPT-4. Its chatbot, Chatsonic, uses GPT-4 but is better in some ways than ChatGPT. It can talk about trending topics and make images from your ideas.

Writesonic best features

  • Long-form content creation: Writesonic is great for various writing tasks, but it excels at producing excellent, lengthy articles.

  • SEO optimization: Besides writing content, this program also makes it SEO-friendly, so more people can find it.

Writesonic limitations

  • Poor memory: Some people say Writesonic sometimes forgets the writing style they want or doesn't use instructions from earlier chats in new content.

  • Word limits: The cost of Writesonic depends on how many words it writes for you each month. Some users think the word limits are too strict or are unhappy that they lose words if the AI doesn't answer their prompt well

Writesonic Price

Plan Price
Free Trial Available
Pro Starts at $12.67/month
Enterprise Starts at $1,000/month

Writesonic ratings and reviews



Number of Reviews


4.7 / 5



4.8 / 5


copy ai


This AI content generator speeds up work for marketing and sales teams. has tools to help write blogs, social media posts, digital ads, product pages, emails, and more. It's good for marketing emails and can also write personalized sales emails. You can use it for internal documents or to make detailed content plans quickly. It also has a chatbot with writing prompts. best features

  • Sales outreach: Unlike many AI content tools just for writers and marketers, has features specifically for sales teams.

  • Top-notch security: is SOC 2 compliant, meaning it keeps your data secure.

  • Open API: You can link this program to your customer system with its open API to send automatic, personal emails. limitations

  • Lack of originality: Some people say that the content it makes isn't as unique, creative, or thoughtful as what humans write.

  • Knowledge gaps: Some say the AI gives different answers to the same question, so content made with this program might need extra fact-checking. Price

Plan Price
Free No cost
Pro $36 per month (up to 5 users)
Enterprise Custom pricing (larger teams) ratings and reviews

Platform Rating Number of Reviews
G2 4.8 / 5 150+
Capterra 4.5 / 5 50+

4. SpinBot

SpinBot is a free tool for freshening up content that feels old.

It won't write for you, but if you put your writing into SpinBot, it will change the words. This gives your content a new style, tone, and view. If you're stuck in your writing, SpinBot can help you be more creative.

SpinBot best features

  • Rewriting: SpinBot helps you find new ways to say things if you're stuck.

  • Paraphrasing: Use it to make your text shorter or to add quick summaries.

  • Grammar Correction: The Grammar Checker fixes and polishes your writing quickly.

SpinBot limitations

  • Longer Text: SpinBot often makes rewritten text longer and more complex than the original. Even its paraphrasing tool might give you longer results than expected.

  • No Time Savings: SpinBot can make your writing more creative, but it won't speed up your writing process because it doesn't create text.

  • Not Ideal for SEO: Of all the ChatGPT alternatives, SpinBot may not be the best choice if you're looking to boost search engine rankings.

SpinBot Price

Plan Price
Free Free

SpinBot ratings and reviews

Platform Rating
G2 Information not available
Capterra Information not available
jasper chat app

5. Jasper Chat

Jasper Chat is in the Jasper app, which has AI tools for content creators. It's a nice AI chatbot among ChatGPT alternatives, made to answer questions and follow requests.

The chatbot can write complete blog posts, think of titles, make your emails friendlier, and create or edit any content you need. It can also make AI art for thumbnails, ads, blog headers, and more. Jasper Chat has prompts to guide you on how to use it.

Jasper Chat best features

  • 29 Languages: Unlike many chatbots that focus on English, Jasper can make content in 29 languages.

  • Chat Context: Jasper Chat remembers past conversations to keep its responses relevant.

  • Brand Knowledge: You can teach Jasper your style guide, so it writes in your brand's voice.

Jasper Chat limitations

  • Needs Fact-Checking: Users say Jasper can create content that isn't always accurate and needs editing.
  • Generic Content: Some find Jasper's content can be repetitive or plain, especially if you don't give it detailed prompts.

Jasper Chat Price

Plan Price
Creator $39 per month
Teams $99 per month
Businesses Custom pricing

Jasper Chat ratings and reviews

Platform Rating Number of Reviews
G2 4.7 / 5 1,000+
Capterra 4.8 / 5 1,500+
bard ai

6 Bard AI

Google calls Bard an AI experiment

It's part of Alphabet's AI research, built on their own AI system. Unlike many chatbots using ChatGPT's GPT-3 or GPT-4, Bard uses a different dataset called LaMDA.

Using Bard feels like Google search, but more like a chat. You ask a question and get a chat answer instead of webpages. Bard can also create things like songs, taglines, and social media captions.

Bard AI best features

  • Research Management: Bard AI, with Google search power, is great at answering questions and helping with research.

  • Thorough Responses: Bard often gives detailed answers, reducing the need for many follow-up questions.

Bard AI limitations

  • Generic Answers: Bard's content can be basic and not very creative.

  • Unrelated Answers: Bard is still learning and might give wrong or unrelated answers. Reporting these helps improve it.

Bard AI Price

Plan Price
Free Free

Bard AI ratings and reviews

Platform Rating Number of Reviews
G2 4.2 / 5 5+
Capterra Rating information not available Not available

7. YouChat

YouChat is a chatbot that searches the internet for you. Type your question on, and a friendly bot gives you an answer, not a normal search page. 

You can ask the bot for new ideas, write emails, summarize text, or help with coding in Javascript, Python, HTML, etc. It's a free tool great for programmers, and it's said to be better at coding answers than Google search.

YouChat is also available as an app for Apple iOS or Android.

YouChat best features

  • Code Generation: YouChat can answer coding questions and help write or complete code, like ChatGPT does.

  • Content Creation: YouChat's writing AI lets you tell it what kind of content, tone, audience, and main points to use.

  • Chat to Search: You can switch tabs to go from chatting with the AI to seeing search results, images, videos, news, and social posts on the same topic.

YouChat limitations

  • Some Features Need an Account: To use all of YouChat's features, you'll need to make an account and log in.

  • Content Limits: If you're a content creator, the limit of 10 free pieces of content might not be sufficient.

YouChat Price

Plan Price
Free Free

YouChat ratings and reviews

Platform Rating Information
G2 Information not available
Capterra Information not available
otter ai

8. Otter

If you need help with project management tasks, Otter is the AI assistant for you.

This tool is made for managing meetings. It generates meeting notes, records audio, takes slides, and makes summaries. With Otter, you can keep your team on the same page and update those who missed the meeting, all without having to write anything.

Otter best features

  • Audio Recording: Otter records audio and transcribes it, so you have a clear record of your project meetings.

  • Note-Taking: It also takes notes and makes summaries, saving you from the boring parts of project management and freeing up your time for more critical tasks.

Otter limitations

  • Manual Stop Needed: If you forget to stop the AI after your meeting, it keeps recording. This can lead to sensitive info in your notes that's hard to edit.

  • No Action Item Detection: Some users say the AI doesn't spot action items automatically, and finding them in the transcription can be time-consuming.

Otter Price

Plan Price
Basic Free
Pro $8.33 per month
Business $20 per user per month
Enterprise Custom pricing

Otter ratings and reviews

Platform Rating Number of Reviews
G2 4.1 / 5 100+
Capterra 4.5 / 5 50+
bing ai

9. Bing AI

Bing AI, also known as the New Bing, is Microsoft's AI addition. 

Microsoft's AI has Bing Chat as its main feature, built on the same AI as ChatGPT. So, using Bing Chat is like using ChatGPT.

Similar to YouChat and Google Bard, Bing Chat works like a search engine assistant. It gives you answers in a friendly chat instead of just static results. Like the others, it can also generate original content ideas to help with brainstorming or writing.

Bing AI best features

Research: Being tied to a search engine makes this chatbot great for quick research.

Source Identification: Unlike many other chatbots here, Bing AI tells you where it got its info, which helps with fact-checking.

Bing AI limitations

Only on Microsoft Edge or App: To use Bing AI, you have to get the Microsoft Edge browser (free for Windows 10 users) or the Bing app for Apple iOS or Android.

No Chat History: Bing AI doesn't remember past chats, so you'll need to provide info again if you want it to reply in context.

Bing AI Price

Plan Price
Free Free

Bing AI ratings and reviews

Platform Rating Information
G2 Information not available
Capterra Information not available
openai playground

10. OpenAI Playground

Unexpected Surprise: The creators of ChatGPT have their own alternative. 

OpenAI Playground uses the same AI as ChatGPT but is centered on content creation. You can try OpenAI's advanced AI tools and see what they can do. It's your chance to experiment with AI.

OpenAI Playground best features

AI Modes: Unlike ChatGPT, OpenAI Playground has different modes. It can be a chatbot, answer questions, or tell stories.

Content Editing: You can ask OpenAI Playground to work on text you've written, like expanding, editing, or rewriting it. You can also adjust settings for the type of response and complexity.

OpenAI Playground limitations

  • OpenAI Account Needed: To use Playground, you have to sign up for an OpenAI account, even though it's free to start.

  • Limited Usage: When you sign up, you get a free credit, but once it's used up, you'll need to buy more credits to keep using the app.

OpenAI Playground pricing

Plan Price
Free Free

OpenAI Playground ratings and reviews

Platform Rating Information
G2 Rating information not available
Capterra Rating information not available

Choose the Best AI tools like ChatGPT for Your Needs

ChatGPT is a well-known AI chatbot, but if you need an AI assistant, check all the options. There are many new AI tools like ChatGPT, some with special skills that may fit your business better. The right choice can be a great helper.

AI makes work easier, so you won't miss it not doing small tasks like getting coffee. It helps you finish work faster, so you have time for coffee yourself. It's nice how AI can make work more relaxing.

If you need an AI that understands your job fast, look at Aichatsy. It's designed for different job roles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT: The AI Revolution!

ChatGPT, created by OpenAI, is a cutting-edge AI chatbot. It uses GPT-3, a top-notch technology with a huge training database from the internet.

ChatGPT excels in detailed conversations, known for its accuracy and smart responses. To really understand what ChatGPT can do, check out the top 110 examples of its use.

If you're interested in making your own AI chatbot, there are 6 AI chatbot builders that can help you up your game.

Is there any other Ai tool like ChatGPT?

ChatGPT has great features, but there are other AI tools too. Some popular ones include Aichatsy, Chatsonic,, SpinBot, Bard ai, and Jasper Chat. Each has its own strengths.

ChatGPT is good for some uses, but not all. Sometimes, it might be too busy to use, it may mostly show an error saying ChatGPT at capacity. So, look around and see what's out there. If you want something that adds to ChatGPT, try Aichatsy!

Can I use ChatGPT like Google Search?

You can't use ChatGPT like Google for a couple of reasons. First, it only has information before April 2023, and second, it's a language model, not a search engine.

If you need current information, Aichatsy might be a good choice. It works like ChatGPT but also gets recent facts from Google. It has extra features like voice search, different personas, voice responses, and API support.

Is Chatgpt down? Why is ChatGPT at capacity?

ChatGPT, an AI chatbot by OpenAI, is popular among developers and tech fans for its ability to create text in different styles. Trained on a lot of text, like books and Wikipedia, it's great for generating text using natural language.

But, its popularity has led to overloaded servers. This causes errors and limits access for users. OpenAI has had to restrict how many people can use it at once to prevent more overloads.

What are the most popular queries by Chatgpt users?

ChatGPT users often use Google for various reasons. They search for information, solve technical issues, find products or services, fix device problems, solve math questions, research companies or jobs, and search for specific items. They also use Google to get directions, find addresses, or locate local businesses.

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