How to Buy Chat GPT Stock? Can you Invest in ChatGPT?

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If you're thinking about buying Chat GPT stock, you're not the only one! ChatGPT from OpenAI is really popular in the tech world, and there are ways you can invest in it.

In this article, we'll show you if it's a good idea to put your money in ChatGPT. We'll guide you through how to research the market and how to start buying stocks like ChatGPT.

Also, we'll give you a list of Five other companies connected to ChatGPT that you might want to think about for investing. Let's start learning about this!

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a big AI chatbot created by OpenAI, known for understanding and creating human-like language. When you use ChatGPT, you get lots of features and choices. You can make the chat fit what you need and like, which makes ChatGPT really flexible and strong for understanding and making conversations in natural language.

Who has invested in ChatGPT Stock?

Information about the investors in ChatGPT:
# Type of Investor Investor Name Affiliation
1 Individual Investors Reid Hoffman LinkedIn co-founder
2 Individual Investors Peter Thiel PayPal co-founder
3 Individual Investors Jessica Livingston Y Combinator founding partner
4 Individual Investors Elon Musk N/A
5 Corporate Investors Microsoft N/A
6 Corporate Investors Khosla Ventures N/A
7 Corporate Investors Infosys N/A

Should You Invest in ChatGPT?

If you're someone who doesn't mind taking risks with your investments, you might want to think about putting money into stocks related to ChatGPT. Among these, Microsoft is a pretty safe bet. They have a lot of products that could use AI chatbots, and their partnership with OpenAI could mean big benefits from new AI developments.

Nvidia is also a smart pick. With the growing need for powerful computers, they're likely to do well. And then there's Perion Network. Their stock could see a big rise if their new Bing search engine takes off.

Even though tech stocks fell in 2022, ChatGPT has really shown what AI can do. It's probably going to kickstart a lot of new competition in the AI world.

Can You Buy ChatGPT Stock?

You can't buy ChatGPT stock because OpenAI is a private company and not publicly traded. But, there's a workaround to invest in ChatGPT indirectly. Microsoft has a big role in ChatGPT, and by investing in Microsoft's stock, you're sort of getting into the AI chatbot scene. Buying Microsoft stock allows you to be part of ChatGPT's success, even though you can't directly buy ChatGPT stock.

How to buy ChatGPT stock? Step-by-step process

To indirectly invest in ChatGPT by buying shares in some of OpenAI's major investors, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Do market research to find a good company related to ChatGPT that you can invest in.

Step 2: Open a brokerage account.

Step 3: Add money to your account.

Step 4: Make a trade to buy shares.

Step 5: Keep an eye on your investment and manage it as needed.

Step 1: Research the market (5 alternatives)

AI is quickly changing how we use computers, creating a new era in our technology interaction. This incredible growth makes AI a very attractive area for investors. They're eager to invest in major AI-related stocks in different sectors, like software, chip manufacturing, and cryptocurrency.

In January 2023, Microsoft made a big move by investing $10 billion in ChatGPT. Microsoft Azure is now the only cloud provider for OpenAI, and they will be funding future improvements in ChatGPT. This is not just good for Microsoft; it also opens opportunities for investors in Microsoft, not just those focused on ChatGPT.

However, with all this excitement, it's important to stay sensible and avoid rushing into investments. Before investing, it’s wise to look carefully at the company's financial status, its place in the market, and its potential for growth in AI. This careful approach is key to making smart and safe investment choices in the fast-changing world of AI technology.

To indirectly invest in ChatGPT or to get involved in the AI sector, you might consider buying stocks in the following companies:

  1. Microsoft (MSFT);
  2. C3ai.Inc (AI);
  3. Alphabet (GOOG);
  5. Upstart (UPST).
how to invest in microsoft stock - chat gpt stock

1. Microsoft

Microsoft has a lot of different ways it makes money. Windows, Azure cloud services, Office subscriptions, Surface devices, Xbox games, and LinkedIn are well-known. Lately, everyone has been discussing Microsoft's partnership with OpenAI and ChatGPT.

Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, believes AI is the future of computing. He's been adding ChatGPT and other OpenAI tools into many Microsoft products, especially Azure, their cloud service.

Microsoft is a big deal when it comes to OpenAI and ChatGPT. But remember, Microsoft is a huge company with lots of parts. When you invest in Microsoft, you're getting an indirect connection to the ChatGPT world.

how to invest in stock - chat gpt stock

2., a company in the AI industry, had a really successful IPO. Right after going public, its stock price more than doubled. But since then, things have been a bit unstable, and it's often seen as a company that doesn't make a lot of profit. Still, there was a small improvement of 5.6% from 2022 to 2023. is now changing its pricing strategy. Instead of charging a subscription fee, they're moving to a pay-as-you-go model. They're hoping this change will make 2024 a better year for them. If you're someone who doesn't mind taking risks, could be a company to keep an eye on.

how to invest in Alphabet stock - chat gpt stock

3. Alphabet

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has recently launched Bard AI, their own AI chatbot. It's competing with ChatGPT and Microsoft's Bing. As of now, Bing, enhanced with ChatGPT, is available but with limited access in the US and UK.

Google dominates the search engine market, holding about 84% of it, as reported by Statista. However, Microsoft isn't far behind, especially with its collaboration with OpenAI. This sets up a race for who will lead in AI chatbots and search engines.

how to invest in  NVIDIA  stock - chat gpt stock


Investing in NVIDIA is another way to indirectly get involved with ChatGPT. NVIDIA is a major company that makes powerful GPUs (Graphics Processing Units). These GPUs are really important for AI work, including training big language models like ChatGPT.

NVIDIA is famous for its tech used in various devices like smartphones, laptops, and gaming systems. They mainly focus on areas like automotive electronics, AI, gaming, and mobile tech.

how to invest in Upstart stock - chat gpt stock

5. Upstart

In August 2023, Upstart's stock had a rough patch, falling by over half from its value in July. Despite this, the company is holding up. It's made some clever moves in the automotive industry, and notable brands like Mercedes are backing its software.

Considering the vast size of the car market, Upstart's shift towards this sector seems like a smart, more stable move. If things keep going well, the company might see an improvement, and its stock could rise again.

Step 2: Set up a brokerage account

When you want to invest in big AI companies, choosing the right broker is key. Here's what to think about:

  • Reputation and Licensing: Make sure the broker is well-respected and has the necessary licenses. It's a good sign if they're regulated by authorities like the FCA or FINRA.
  • Fees and Commissions: Look for lower fees, but don't let that lower the quality of security or other services.
  • Investment Options: Check if the broker offers a variety of investments, like mutual funds, ETFs, or options.
  • Customer Support: It's crucial to have quick access to help. See if they provide support through phone, email, or live chat.

Considering these factors will help you pick the right broker for your AI company investments.

Step 3: Add money to your account

After you finish registering with a brokerage, the next step is to transfer money into your brokerage account. To do this, you usually have to link your new brokerage account to your bank account or another payment method, like PayPal (PYPL).

Step 4: Make a trade to buy shares

Once you've got money in your investment account, you can start buying shares of companies. For example, if you're interested in investing in Microsoft using a platform like eToro, here's what you do:

  • Go to the eToro website (or any other investment platform).
  • Search for Microsoft's ticker symbol, which is MSFT.
  • Decide how many shares you want to buy.
  • Choose the type of order you want to place – this could be a market order or a limit order.
  • Finally, click to finalize your purchase.

Step 5: Monitor and manage your investment

After you buy ChatGPT stock, it's really important to keep track of how the company is doing. You should regularly check on the company's performance, stay updated on what's happening in the AI industry, and be aware of any big news that might impact the stock price. Keeping an eye on these factors will help you make informed decisions about your investment.

The Best AI Stocks to Buy as of january 2024

Company Market Capitalization (in billion $)
Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) 2300.0 Inc. (AMZN) 1000.0
Nvidia Corp. (NVDA) 714.0 Inc (AI) 2.1
Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) 1400.0
Micron Technology Inc. (MU) 68.0
Tesla Inc. (TSLA) 512.0

FAQs about how to buy Chat GPT stock

1. What is Chat GPT Stock?

Chat GPT stock, also known as stock of OpenAI or ChatGPT, refers to the shares offered by the company for investors to buy. ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence language model developed by OpenAI, and buying its stock allows investors to gain exposure to the AI sector.

2. How can I invest in Chat GPT stock?

Investing in Chat GPT stock can be done through a stock exchange, as it is a publicly traded company. Investors can consider buying ETFs or investing in companies like MSFT, NVDA, or BING that are indirectly related to the AI technologies and sector.

3. Is ChatGPT a publicly traded company?

OpenAI, the parent company of ChatGPT, is not publicly traded. However, investors can gain exposure to the AI sector through other publicly traded companies like Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc, NVIDIA’s, or Microsoft’s, which are indirectly related to Chat GPT and the AI applications.

4. How can I buy Chat GPT stock?

To buy Chat GPT stock, investors can consider investing in companies related to the AI industry or explore ETFs that provide exposure to the AI sector. As of now, Chat GPT is not a publicly traded company, but investors can gain exposure to the AI sector through other publicly traded companies.

What is ChatGPT stock name?

ChatGPT doesn't have a stock symbol because it's not a publicly traded company. It's part of OpenAI, which is a private company and not listed on the stock market.

What is Chat GPT Stock Price currently?

ChatGPT doesn't have a stock price because it's not listed on any stock exchange, including Nasdaq.

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