Top 10 Best ChatGPT Plugins You Should Use in 2024

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Hey there, ChatGPT fans!

Are you ready to make your ChatGPT experience even cooler? 

OpenAI has added some awesome plugins that are like adding superpowers to your AI chatbot! It's like when you add cool new features to your website, but this time it's for ChatGPT. 

You can now do even more fun stuff, like booking tables, solving math problems, and lots more with plugins like Prompt Perfect, OpenTable, and Wolfram.

Sounds amazing, right?

And guess what? To help you out, we've gone through the ChatGPT plugin store and picked out the best plugins for you. This blog is going to show you the 10 best ChatGPT Plugins and how you can use them to do all sorts of cool things.

So, keep reading to find out how to upgrade your ChatGPT chats!

What are ChatGPT Plugins?

Have you heard about ChatGPT plugins? They're like cool upgrades you can add to ChatGPT to make it even more powerful. These plugins are special tools designed for all sorts of areas like shopping online, checking out health tips, managing your money, or learning new things for school.

With these plugins, ChatGPT becomes more than just a chat buddy. Imagine asking it to book your flight, help you shop for groceries, or do a bunch of other stuff without ever leaving the chat. Pretty neat, huh?

OpenAI, the team behind ChatGPT, made two special plugins themselves:

  • A web browser plugin that lets ChatGPT look up fresh info from the internet.
  • A code interpreter plugin that helps it understand and write computer code better.

Think of these plugins as ChatGPT's superpowers, helping it do things it couldn't do before, like staying up-to-date with the latest news or solving tricky math problems. It's like giving ChatGPT a turbo boost to be even more helpful.

Let's explore the top 10 ChatGPT Plugins to enhance your productivity.

10 Best ChatGPT Plugins You Didn’t Know About In 2024

Lots of people have been asking for extra features for ChatGPT, and OpenAI has listened! Right now, they're letting a few ChatGPT Plus users try out these new best plugins. But don't worry, they're planning to let more people, including those who make plugins and all ChatGPT users, try them out bit by bit.

  1. Prompt Perfect
  2. OpenTable
  3. Wolfram
  4. Zapier
  5. Canva
  6. Argil AI
  7. VoxScript
  8. Kayak
  9. Link Reader
  10. Speak
Prompt Perfect

1. Prompt Perfect

First off, let's talk about Prompt Perfect, one of the best ChatGPT extensions that helps you ask questions just right. If you sometimes struggle with what to ask or how to ask it, Prompt Perfect is here to save the day. All you have to do is start your question with the word “perfect” and then write what you want to know. 

For example, if I want to hear a story about cars from ChatGPT, I'll start my question with “perfect” and then ask for a 200-word story about cars.

What happens next is pretty awesome: the plugin takes your question and tweaks it to make it super clear and detailed for ChatGPT. This means you get back really specific and helpful answers. 

The best part? It's super easy to use. Just type your question and let it do its magic. Definitely give it a try.

Features of Prompt Perfect:

  1. High-Quality Prompts: The plugin transforms essential user inputs into well-crafted, high-quality prompts.
  2. Natural Conversations: It generates prompts that can lead to more natural conversations and responses.

💡 Tips "When writing a prompt, provide contextual details to guide the AI into giving you a better answer."

Open Table

2. OpenTable

Guess what? One of the best ChatGPT plugins we tried out was OpenTable. It makes booking restaurants super easy and fast. All you have to do is tell ChatGPT a few simple things like when you want to go, where, and how many people are coming.

Then, the plugin does all the work for you. It picks out restaurants and gives you links where your reservation info is already filled out. It's a super handy tool for making dining out a breeze.

Features of OpenTable :

  1. Book a Table Easily : Find a restaurant and book a table online anytime.
  2. See What Others Think : Read reviews and see ratings from other people who ate there.
  3. Get Points : When you book and go to your reservation, you get points that you can swap for rewards later.
  4. Search Your Way : You can look for restaurants by the type of food, how much you want to spend, or where it is.
  5. Use it on Your Phone : With the OpenTable app, you can book a table wherever you are.

💡 Tips "When booking a table, mention any special requests or occasions. OpenTable can communicate these details to the restaurant, making your dining experience even more personalized and enjoyable."


3. Wolfram

The Wolfram plugin for ChatGPT might sound a bit tricky at first, but it's super cool because it can do a lot of advanced stuff. With Wolfram, you can use ChatGPT to figure out complicated math, get the latest data on different topics, and even solve complex problems.

Instead of just solving simple math, you can use Wolfram to do things like make a family tree, show what sounds look like with an audio spectrogram, draw parts of the body, and lots more. It can even tell you the current date and time, which is something ChatGPT can't do on its own.

So, why not give Wolfram a try and see what amazing things you can do with it in ChatGPT?

Features of Wolfram :

  • Advanced Calculations: Solve complex math problems and access up-to-date data on various topics.
  • Versatile Applications: Create family trees, audio spectrograms, and more.
  • Current Date and Time: Provides real-time information, enhancing ChatGPT's capabilities.

💡 Tips "Use Wolfram for more than just math problems. Try it for real-time data, complex calculations, or creating visual representations like family trees or audio spectrograms. It's a powerful tool for detailed inquiries."


4. Zapier

Ever wished you could make your work life a whole lot easier? Well, Zapier is one of the best plugin for ChatGPT that's perfect for busy folks and marketers. Imagine being able to use over 5,000 different work apps without any extra hassle. Yes, we're talking about big names like Gmail, MS Outlook, Slack, and so many others. All you need to do is set it up once, give it the green light for some tasks, and you're good to go.

With this setup, you can write full emails or detailed Slack messages directly through ChatGPT. Zapier teams up with ChatGPT to bring this magic to life, and even lets you tweak your tasks as needed. When I tried it out by drafting a test email in Gmail, it worked like a charm and sent it off without me having to open my email app.

Give it a try if you're not into the idea of juggling apps all day!

Features of OpenTable :

  • Workflow Integration: Connects over 5,000 work apps like Gmail, MS Outlook, and Slack.
  • Efficiency: Automate tasks and manage workflows directly through ChatGPT.
  • Customization: Tailor tasks to your needs for streamlined operations.

💡 Tips "Automate your workflow by connecting ChatGPT with over 5,000 apps through Zapier. Set up tasks once and let them run automatically, saving you time and effort on repetitive tasks."


5. Canva

Exciting news - Canva just released a ChatGPT plugin, and it's super cool! Now available on the plugin store, it lets you do tons of stuff. Imagine making social media posts, Instagram Reels, TikTok videos, website templates, and presentations all from your chat screen.

The coolest part? You can tweak and personalize what you create by just clicking a link that takes you straight to Canva's site. And guess what? You don't even need to log in to make important edits. This makes the Canva plugin a fantastic tool to have in ChatGPT, bringing lots of new features right to your chat. Plus, it's super easy to use, so you won't have any trouble getting started.

Features of Canva :

  • Creative Projects: Design social media posts, videos, website templates, and presentations.
  • Easy Editing: Direct link to Canva for quick edits without logging in.
  • User-Friendly: Simplifies design tasks within ChatGPT.

💡 Tips "Use the Canva plugin to easily design and edit creative projects directly from ChatGPT. It's great for quickly creating social media posts, presentations, or any design work without needing to switch apps."

Argil AI

6. Argil AI

Guess what? Using DALLE 3 with ChatGPT is pretty simple, but have you heard about Argil AI? It's this awesome plugin that lets you make images right within ChatGPT.

All you have to do is pick the plugin and tell it what kind of picture you want. You can get really detailed with your description to make it super interesting. If you need some cool ideas, you can look up what people are doing with Midjourney prompts. Once you've got your idea, just press enter and wait a bit. 

Before you know it, Argil AI will show you an amazing picture that it made just for you. If you're clever about it, you could even put together a bunch of these images and make some money through ChatGPT. So, if DALLE 3 seems like a hassle, definitely give Argil AI a try.

Features of Argil AI :

  • Image Creation: Generate images within ChatGPT based on detailed descriptions.
  • Inspiration: Use Midjourney prompts for creative ideas.
  • Monetization Potential: Create and potentially sell unique images.

💡 Tips "Describe your desired image in detail to Argil AI, and it will generate it for you. This is perfect for creating unique visuals for content, marketing, or just for fun, directly within ChatGPT."


7. VoxScript

VoxScript is a super cool ChatGPT plugin that adds some awesome features. Now, you can easily get all the info on YouTube videos, like what they're about and even their word-for-word transcript, all with this plugin. So, if you were using the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions to do this, VoxScript is your new go-to.

All you need to do is give VoxScript the URL to the YouTube video you're interested in and ask it to give you the transcript. This plugin works together with ChatGPT to quickly give you a detailed transcript, the video's basic info, and how many views it got. And if you're curious for more, VoxScript can even check out financial info or find Google search results to bring you even more insights.

Features of VoxScript :

  • YouTube Insights: Access video summaries and transcripts.
  • Comprehensive Information: Get video views, financial data, and Google search results.
  • Enhanced Research: Streamlines content analysis and research tasks.

💡 Tips "Get detailed YouTube video insights and transcripts with VoxScript. Just provide the video URL, and you can access summaries, transcripts, and even financial data related to the video."


8. Kayak

If you love traveling, the Kayak, One of the best plugins for travel for ChatGPT, is a game-changer. It makes booking flights and hotels super easy, and even gives you travel tips for planning your trips. All you need to do is tell it where you're starting from, where you're headed, and your travel dates.

Then, Kayak shows you a bunch of flight options, including prices, any layovers, which airlines you can choose, and more cool details. If you find one you like, just ask ChatGPT, and Kayak will give you a link to book it.

Pretty awesome, right? Now, planning your adventures is easier than ever!

Features of Kayak :

  • Travel Planning: Simplifies booking flights and hotels.
  • Customizable Searches: Offers travel tips and personalized trip planning.
  • Convenience: Provides links for easy booking of chosen flights.

💡 Tips "Planning a trip? Use Kayak to easily find and book flights and hotels. Provide your travel details, and Kayak will present you with the best options, making travel planning seamless."

Link Reader

9. Link Reader

You know how some of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions can read webpages out loud for you? But if you're someone who likes things even simpler and isn't really into adding extensions, there's something awesome called Link Reader. This is a ChatGPT plugin that's super handy. It can read just about anything you find online - like webpages, PDFs, images, you name it.

All you have to do is give it a link and ask what you want to know. ChatGPT teams up with Link Reader and gives you a detailed answer to your question. If you're in a hurry and just need a quick summary of something, this plugin is your go-to.

Features of Link Reader :

  • Content Accessibility: Reads webpages, PDFs, and images aloud.
  • Quick Summaries: Offers detailed answers or summaries based on online content.
  • Simplicity: Enhances content consumption without additional extensions.

💡 Tips "Use Link Reader to quickly get summaries or detailed information from web pages, PDFs, or images. It's a great way to consume content efficiently without needing to navigate away from your chat."


10. Speak

There's this super cool plugin called Speak, and it's like having your own language tutor right inside ChatGPT. Speak teaches you how to say anything in different languages. It's not just about translating words; you can learn about verbs, how to use them in different tenses, and get into the details of grammar too. All you have to do is ask your question about any language, and Speak will give you an answer super fast.

So, if you're into languages, you're going to love playing around with Speak!

Features of Speak :

  • Language Learning: Teaches phrases and grammar in various languages.
  • Detailed Language Insights: Offers verb usage and tense information.
  • Interactive Learning: Engages users in language exploration within ChatGPT.

💡 Tips "Interested in learning a new language? Ask Speak for phrases, grammar tips, or verb conjugations in various languages. It's like having a language tutor available anytime within ChatGPT."

How to enable ChatGPT plugins

Want to enable ChatGPT plugins? Here's how to do it, step by step:

  1. First, log into ChatGPT using a web browser on your computer or phone, or open the ChatGPT app if you're on iOS or Android.
  2. If you're not already using a ChatGPT paid plan, you'll need to upgrade to a paid subscription. You can choose between ChatGPT Plus for individuals or ChatGPT Enterprise for businesses.
  3. Next, head over to your user settings. You can find this by clicking the three dots next to your username or email, which is in the bottom left corner of the screen if you're on a browser.
  4. Look for "Beta features" and select it.
  5. Finally, turn on the "Plugins" option.

That's how you activate ChatGPT plugins!

How to install ChatGPT plugins

Want to install some cool plugins to ChatGPT? Here's a simple guide for you:

  1. Start a new chat using GPT-4. You'll find the "GPT-4" option at the top middle of your screen, right next to "GPT-3.5."
  2. Look for the “Plugins” button in the drop-down menu under “Default.”
  3. Initially, it'll say “No plugins enabled.” Click on “Plugin store” to see all the cool plugins you can add. They're usually sorted by how popular they are.
  4. Find a plugin you like and hit the “Install” button underneath its name.
  5. And that's it! You've just added new plugins to ChatGPT!

Happy chatting with your new plugins!


In 2024, ChatGPT got some cool new features called ChatGPT plugins. These ChatGPT plugins are like adding superpowers to ChatGPT, making it do things it couldn't do before. 

We talked about the 10 best ChatGPT plugins, like Prompt Perfect, which helps you ask better questions, OpenTable for booking tables at restaurants, and Wolfram for solving tough math problems.

These ChatGPT plugins make ChatGPT not just a chat buddy but a super helpful tool for all sorts of tasks. Whether you need help with homework, planning a dinner, or just want to learn something new, these plugins have got you covered.

The cool thing about ChatGPT plugins is that they show how much ChatGPT can do now. It's not just about talking; it's about doing real things that can help us in our daily lives. 

And the best part? This is just the beginning. There will be even more awesome plugins in the future, making ChatGPT even better.

So, if you're using ChatGPT, try out these plugins. They're fun, useful, and can make your ChatGPT experience way cooler. The future of chatting with AI is here, and it's full of possibilities!

ChatGPT Plugins FAQ

What are the best ChatGPT plugins available?

If you're looking to enhance your ChatGPT experience, OpenAI's plugin store is a great place to start. You can find a variety of plugins to extend the capabilities of ChatGPT, from language model expansions to integrations with other applications like Slack and Zapier.

How can I use ChatGPT plugins with my AI chatbot?

ChatGPT plugins are straightforward to install and use. You can enable them within ChatGPT directly, allowing your AI chatbot to access a wide range of functionalities and enhancements.

Is there a way to integrate a PDF prompt within ChatGPT?

Absolutely, you can add a PDF prompt directly within ChatGPT, enabling you to leverage documents and information stored in PDF format to enrich the conversation and response generation process.

Can I access external APIs through ChatGPT plugins?

Yes, plugins for ChatGPT enable you to integrate external APIs, allowing you to query and receive data from various sources right from ChatGPT.

Are there any ChatGPT plugins available for code interpretation?

If you're a developer or someone interested in code interpretation, there are plugins that provide code interpretation capabilities, allowing you to execute and interpret code right within ChatGPT.

How can I access ChatGPT plugins within my preferred applications like Slack?

Integrating ChatGPT with Slack is a breeze with the available plugins. You can leverage the power of ChatGPT's language model and AI capabilities directly within your Slack workspace.

Can I get a free trial for ChatGPT plugins?

Absolutely, you can explore the capabilities of ChatGPT plugins with a free trial, enabling you to experience the features and enhancements before making a subscription commitment.

Is the 2023 version of ChatGPT supported by the available plugins?

The plugins are designed to be compatible with different versions of ChatGPT, ensuring that you can make the most of the available enhancements regardless of the version you're using.

How do the GPT-4 model plugins differ from the standard ChatGPT plugins?

The GPT-4 model plugins offer expanded capabilities and enhancements specific to the GPT-4 model, providing additional features.

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