What is the Best AI App for iPhone in 2024?

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Discover the top AI apps for iPhone users. Find the best AI apps for iPhone users. We will help you choose the perfect app for your needs and budget by reviewing the top tools on the market.

Want to make the most of your iPhone with the best AI apps?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing how our phones work. AI makes apps smarter, like chatbots that talk like people or tools that help edit photos.

Over 2 million apps are on the iPhone App Store. Finding the best ones can be challenging.

Even searching with keywords can give too many options. In this blog, we've picked out the 5 best AI apps for the iPhone that you should try.

We'll discuss what each app does best and its cost and share the pros and cons of each app.

This way, you can easily find the right app for you. Get the best AI apps for the iPhone to manage your digital life. Apps like Aichatsy, Jasper AI, Simplified, and Picsart can help with live chat, writing, and editing audio.

So, let's get started!

Benefits of AI Apps on the iPhone

What are the Benefits of AI Apps on the iPhone?

Better Time Management: AI apps on your iPhone can help you organize your day better. They can schedule your tasks, remind you of them, and even suggest the best times to do things based on what you like and do. This way, you can do more without having to remember everything yourself.

Smarter Voice Assistants: With AI like Siri, you can send messages, make calls, set alarms, and control smart devices just by talking. Siri understands how we speak better now, so it's easier and more useful when you talk to it.

Personalized Suggestions: AI apps learn what you like and suggest new things you might enjoy, like music, movies, or places to eat. This saves you time because you don’t have to look for these things yourself; your iPhone does it for you.

Better Accessibility: AI features on the iPhone make it easier for everyone to use, especially people with disabilities. These features can read out text, describe what's on the screen, and let you use your iPhone without having to touch it.

Useful Reminders: AI apps can remind you of important tasks like taking your medicine, going to appointments, or finishing your homework. They make sure you don’t forget what you need to do, which is especially helpful if you’re really busy or tend to forget things.

What is the Best AI App for iPhone?

To help you choose the best iPhone AI tool that fits your needs and budget, we analyze each of the market's top AI tools in more detail. So, what is the best AI app for iPhone? Read on to find out which one suits you best!

AiChatSY — The Ultimate AI Chatbot App

1. AiChatSY — The Ultimate AI Chatbot App

Info Box
Best For All-in-one AI companion
Starting Price $14.99/month
iOS App Price $4.99/week
Free Version Free with in-app purchases
Top Features AI Chatbot, Image generator, 30+ template, User-Friendly Interface

Why We Picked It

AiChatSY is one of the top AI chatbot apps in the market. It's great for anyone who wants a tool to make talking and getting answers fast and easy.

The app uses  AI models such as  ChatGPT , GPT-4, ChatGPT 4o, Palm 2, and Google's Gemini. These models help provide quick and precise answers. The app is beneficial for both personal and work-related tasks.

When we tried it out, we noticed that AiChatSY is easy to use and has innovative features that make talking to it smooth.

Aichatsy Features

AI Chat Assistant — AiChatSY is a cool AI helper for iPhone users. It answers your questions fast using smart tech to find the right info online quickly.

Easy to use — AiChatSY is really easy for anyone to use, no matter how much tech you know. It’s designed to be simple and user-friendly.

Smart Technology — AiChatSY uses  AI models like ChatGPT , GPT-4, ChatGPT 4o, Palm 2, and Google’s Gemini.

Keeps Getting Better — AiChatSY regularly updates to improve and add new features.

AiChatSY Pricing


AiChatSY offers a variety of pricing plans to suit different needs, outlined below:

Plan Cost
Weekly Cost $5 week
Monthly Cost $15 month
Annual Cost $55 year

Who it's Best For

AiChatSY is an incredibly useful tool if you need a smart AI chatbot to help with all kinds of talking tasks. Easy to use for chatting casually, asking work-related questions, or learning stuff. The app is also great for anyone who wants to get more done and make communicating easier, whether it’s for fun or work.

AiChatSY is especially good because of its advanced AI, making it a top pick for people who need quick and correct answers when they use technology to talk.

For more information, read our full AiChatSY review.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Gives correct and relevant answers
  • Updates improve function and features


  • Limited free version features
  • Subscription required for premium features
Jasper AI — The Best AI App for Written Content

2. Jasper AI — The Best AI App for Written Content

Info Box
Best For Writing content
Starting Price $39/month
iOS App Price $3.99/week
Free Version Available with in-app purchases
Top Features AI Chatbot, Content Creator, Translation

Why We Picked It

JasperAI is a popular iPhone app that uses smart AI. It's great for iPhone users who need quick answers, a personal assistant, or want to create content fast using templates.

When we tried it, we liked how easy it was to use. You can make high-quality content quickly. Plus, you can translate it into over 100 languages. This is super helpful for businesses that want to reach people all over the world without hiring extra writers.

Jasper AI Features

AI Chat Assistant  — Jasper’s AI is a great helper for iPhone. It can answer your questions quickly using information from the internet.

AI Content Creator  — Jasper has templates that help you create both short and long content, just like a human writer.

Translation  — Jasper AI can change text into over 100 languages, helping people talk to others who speak different languages.

Jasper Pricing


After a 7-day free trial, Jasper offers a Pro plan:

Plan Cost
Jasper Pro - Creator Plan $49 per month
Jasper Pro - Teams Plan $125 per month
Jasper Pro - Business Plan Custom pricing, contact sales team

Who it's Best For 

Jasper is great for writers, marketers, and students who want to make their work better. It helps with writing emails and messages for both work and personal use.

Jasper has many templates that make it easier to create content for social media, SEO, ads, and more.

Check out our complete Jasper AI review for more info. 

Pros and Cons


  • The personal assistant is very helpful
  • Makes high-quality content
  • Has SEO features
  • Can translate into 100 different languages


  • Not many creative writing options
  • No free plan
Murf AI — Best for AI Voice Generation

3. Murf AI — Best for AI Voice Generation

Info Box
Best For Making AI voices
Starting Price $23/month
iOS App Price $7.99/week
Free Version Available with in-app purchases
Top Features More than 120 voices, over 20 languages, and 8,000 licensed tracks

Why We Picked It

MurfAI is a top AI voice generator. Its iPhone app can turn text into speech in different languages and voices. The voices sound natural and can be used for things like YouTube videos, ads, and school projects.

MurfAI Features


Text-to-Speech — Murf can turn text into spoken words using AI. Great for voiceovers.

Music — You can add your own music or choose from over 8,000 background tracks.

Translation — Murf supports 20 languages, so you can easily translate content for people around the world.

MurfAI Pricing


MurfAI has a free plan, but it's limited. You can't use it for business, and you can't download your projects. But, it's good for trying out the app, and you don't need a credit card to sign up.

The paid plans give you access to over 200 voices and many styles. You can change how words are pronounced and make the audio sound just right.

Plan Cost
Premium - Weekly Cost $7.99
Premium - Annual Cost $39.99

Who it's Best For


Murf AI is a great tool for advertisers and writers. Advertisers can turn text into speech to make fun social media ads. Writers can use it to help people who can't see well or to talk to people in their own language.

Pros and Cons


  • Great free plan
  • Get access to over 200 voices in more than 20 languages
  • Commercial use rights for 8,000+ licensed tracks
  • Easy to use


  • You need the Premium plan to access translations
  • Some voiceovers may sound robotic
Picsart — Best for AI Art Generation

4. Picsart — Best for AI Art Generation

Info Box
Best For Making images
Starting Price $5/month
iOS App Price $12.99/month
Free Version Free with in-app purchases
Top Features AI improves images, removes backgrounds, creates GIFs

Why We Picked It

Picsart is one of the best AI image generators for iPhone. It has over 20 AI tools to help you create, edit, and change images and videos.

You can use it to add effects, text, stickers, drawings, overlays, and backgrounds. You can also make collages.

It's perfect for making professional-looking content for social media, ads, or just for fun.

Picsart Features


AI Photo Editor — You can blur or delete backgrounds, improve selfies, use filters, and add text created by AI.

Video Editor — Use Picsart to add music to your videos, cut clips, and add cool effects. It's great for making videos to share on TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook.

Image Generator — The app lets users create new images and GIFs from text prompts.

Picsart Pricing


Picsart has a free plan with basic image and video editing tools. If you pay for a plan, you get more cool features like face retouching, image enhancement, and easy background and object removal.

Plan Cost
Picsart Gold - Monthly Cost $12.99/month
Picsart Gold - Annual Cost $57/year

Who it's Best For 

Picsart  can help small business owners keep their social media looking good with a consistent style.

It's also great for social media managers because it has everything you need to create content. You can edit and retouch photos, making it perfect for anyone who wants to improve their pictures.

Pros and Cons


  • Cost effective
  • Free version
  • Fun to use


  • The free version does not include editing
  • Hard to use for beginners
Simplified — Best for Social Media

5. Simplified — Best for Social Media

Info Box
Best For Social Media
Starting Price $13/month
iOS App Price Free
Free Version Available with in-app purchases
Top Features Brand kits, design templates, AI writer

Why We Picked It

Simplified  is an app that helps marketers, social media creators, and writers. It makes content creation easy, from designing to writing and posting.

Simplified also lets teams work together. You can add comments and tag each other in projects.

Simplified Features

Graphic Design Templates — You can use templates for social media, logo design, and more, with ready-made text.

Brand Kits — Easily create a consistent look for your brand with a custom logo, fonts, and colors.

AI Writer — Simplified helps you make long and short content easily. We think it's one of the best AI writing tools out there.

Simplified Pricing


Simplified is free to download, but you can buy extra features. Here are the costs:

Plan Cost
Starter $15 per month
Small Teams $30 per month
Business $49.99 per month
100k AI Words $29.99 (one-time)
15K AI Credit $14.99 (one-time)
30K AI Credit $29.99 (one-time)

Who It's Best For 

Simplified is perfect for social media marketing. It helps you make everything in one place, including graphic design, writing, and creating videos with AI.

It also has a tool to schedule and post your content automatically.

Pros and Cons


  • Different tools for creating content
  • Tutorials
  • It’s pretty cheap to use


  • Age limits depend on your chosen plan
  • Many features need a paid add-on
The Best AI Apps for iOS Compared

The Best AI Apps for iOS Compared

App Name Best For Starting Price iOS App Price Free Version Top Features
AiChatSY All-in-one AI companion $15/month $4.99/week Free with in-app purchases AI Chatbot, Image generator, 30+ templates, User-Friendly Interface
Jasper AI Writing content $39/month $3.99/week Available with in-app purchases AI Chatbot, Content Creator, Translation
Murf AI AI Voice Generation $23/month $7.99/week Available with in-app purchases More than 120 voices, over 20 languages, 8,000 licensed tracks
Picsart AI Art Generation $5/month $12.99/month Free with in-app purchases AI improves images, removes backgrounds, creates GIFs
Simplified Social Media $13/month Free Available with in-app purchases Brand kits, design templates, AI writer
How We Review and Test AI Tools

How We Review and Test AI Tools

We really use and test all the AI tools we talk about to see how good they are. Here’s what we look for:


We check how correct the AI tool's answers are. This depends on the AI's design and the kind of information it gets.


We see how fast the AI tool works and if the fast speed affects the quality of its answers.

Ethical Considerations

We look into whether the AI tool has any issues with fairness, openness, and keeping user information safe. We only suggest AI tools that take these things seriously.

User Experience

We try each AI tool on all the different platforms it can run on to see if it’s easy to use and does what it promises. We also check out any help guides it has.

Value for Money

We compare what the AI tool can do, how well it performs, and how much it costs to see if it's worth the money. We also consider the cost of using more of its services.


We use every feature the tool offers for two weeks, like making art or creating voiceovers, to see how well they work.


We make sure the AI tool keeps user data safe and hasn’t had any security breaches. We check if it follows laws and how hard it would be for someone to misuse the AI.

How AI Apps Can Help You?

AI apps are really helpful because they make it easier to get things done and be creative. They can help you create content, translate languages, make art, and even create voiceovers. AI chatbots are like digital friends that offer support, and AI tools for social media can help manage your online posts.

These apps do boring tasks for you and give smart tips, saving you time and making things more efficient. They're great for both personal stuff and work.

Are iOS AI Apps Safe?

AI apps for iPhones are usually safe because they have to pass Apple's strict checks before they appear in the App Store, just like in the Google Play Store. Apple has strict rules to protect your security and privacy.

Apps stay in a safe area known as a sandbox. They can't access sensitive info or parts of your phone without your permission. However, like any software, security or privacy risks might still exist.

You should be careful when letting AI apps use your settings and data. Always read the privacy policy. Getting apps from the official App Store is a safer way to protect your data.

Conclusion: What is the Best AI App for iPhone

The best AI app for iPhone in 2024 is AiChatSY. It has an AI chatbot, an image generator, and more than 30 templates, all for $14.99 a month. This app is really easy to use and can do a lot of different things, making it perfect for many tasks.

Some other good AI apps are Jasper AI, Murf AI, Picsart, and Simplified. Each of these apps has special features that meet different needs. Using AI apps on your iPhone helps you manage your time better, gives you smarter help, and makes suggestions just for you, which can help you get more done and make things easier.

What is the best AI app for iPhone in 2024?

The best AI app for iPhone in 2024 is AiChatSY. It has a strong AI chatbot, can create images, and has 30+ templates for different jobs. The app costs $14.99 monthly.

What features does AiChatSY offer?

AiChatSY is a helpful tool for iPhone users. It has an AI chatbot, image generator, and over 30 templates to help with different tasks.

Are there any other top AI apps for iPhone in 2024?

In 2024, some of the top AI apps for iPhone are Jasper AI, Murf AI, Picsart, and Simplified. Each app has special features to meet different needs.

What are the benefits of using AI apps on an iPhone?

AI apps on an iPhone can help you manage your time better, give you smarter help with voice commands, suggest things just for you, make your phone easier to use, and remind you of important stuff.

What is the most user-friendly AI app for iPhone?

AiChatSY and ChatGPT are super easy to use because they have clear and simple layouts.

Are AI apps safe to use?

Yes, most AI apps are safe because they focus on keeping your private information secure. But, it’s a good idea to read the app’s privacy policy to see exactly how they protect your data.

Can AI apps replace real human interaction?

No, AI apps can help with communication, but they can't replace real human interaction. They're just tools to make things easier, not replacements for connecting with people.

What is ShortlyAI, and what features does it offer?

ShortlyAI is a tool that helps you write better and faster using advanced AI. The app has also features like summarizing text, generating ideas, and rephrasing sentences. This makes it great for anyone who wants to improve their writing quickly and easily.

Top AI Apps for iPhone to Boost Productivity

When it comes to enhancing productivity on your iPhone, several AI apps stand out for their innovative technology and ease of use. Among the Top 10 AI Apps , Replika and Youper are excellent for personal wellness and mental health support, leveraging advanced natural language processing to offer human-like conversations and daily wellness checks. 

These apps can act as a valuable tool for those seeking an AI assistant to help manage their mental health through engaging and empathetic interactions, almost like talking to a real person .

For those looking to streamline tasks and improve efficiency, Simplified is a notable mention. It is an AI-powered app designed specifically for creating digital content and managing social media. 

This app provides a range of templates and design tools to keep your brand consistent and professional. Moreover, Murf AI offers AI-generated voiceovers, perfect for content creators needing high-quality audio in multiple languages. Both apps offer free to use options, making them accessible for anyone looking to enhance their productivity without additional costs.

For a more robust assistant experience, Google Assistant and Bing integrate seamlessly with iPhone and iPad , providing comprehensive AI-powered features that include setting reminders, answering questions, and managing smart home devices. 

These apps are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, offering human-like conversations and ensuring tasks are handled efficiently. Whether you're looking to improve your writing , manage your schedule, or control your smart devices, these AI apps are indispensable for anyone looking to leverage the power of innovative AI technology . 

Exploring Top AI Apps for iPhone

The realm of AI technology for iPhone is rapidly expanding, with many new AI apps enhancing user experience. Among the Top 10 AI Apps for iPhone , Character AI stands out by offering avatars that engage in daily wellness checks and answer various queries . This mobile app provides functionality similar to assistants like Siri , making it a great app for managing daily tasks.

Several of these apps are completely free , making advanced language models like GPT accessible to all. They can summarize content, paraphrase text, and serve as effective writing assistants . Many of these free AI apps for iPhone are also available on desktop , ensuring users can benefit from their features across multiple devices.

Health apps among these top AI selections offer daily wellness support, from mental health checks to setting reminders. With AI-powered features, these apps help streamline tasks, making life easier and more organized. Whether you need an app to answer questions , set reminders , or manage your health, these innovative solutions are indispensable.